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CCSMBA NEWS RELEASE - 2nd September 2013

NEWS RELEASE 2 September 2013

Short Mat Players Tour UK Open

Over the weekend of 31 August and 1st September eight local bowlers travelled to Bromsgrove to compete in the Short Mat Players Tour UK Open competition against some of the best bowlers from across the UK, Ireland, Belgium and Sweden.

Cornwall's three England squad members recorded the best overall positions with Nigel Nicholls qualifying for the Main Knockout before being knocked out at the last 64 stage by Jason McLean 7-15.  Elise Daniell and Peter Hore progressed into the Plate competition with Elise bowing out at the last 64 stage to Gethin Davies (Wal) 4-13 and Peter losing to Steve Stanton (Eng) 7-11 at the last 32 stage.

Cornwall's other bowlers all went into the Wooden Spoon competition with Landrake's Dennis Shorthouse progressing the furthest reaching the semi-finals before bowing out to George Crothers (Ire) by 7 shots to 10.  Luke Jolly reached the last 16 before losing to Keith Elliot (Eng) 6-12.  In the last 32 Elliot ended Nicholas Truscott's run in the competition inflicting a 7-9 defeat.  Neil Gribble's tournament also ended at the last 32 stage with a 6-16 loss to Russell Stallibrass (Eng). Tom Westlake's competition ended at the hands of Luke Jolly with a 6-14 loss.

Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity)
Group Stages v Richard Palmer (Wal) 11-10, v Malcome Saunders (Eng) 16-11, v Frank Vermoesen (Bel) 17-5, v Jorgen Karlsson (Swe) 7-10, v Tommy Dahlgren (Swe) 12-0 w/o
Main Knockout - Last 64 v Jason McLean (Eng) 5-17

Elise Daniell (Holmans)
Group Stages v Gareth Davies (Eng) 10-9, v Andy Thompson (Eng) 11-12, v John Lax (Eng) 7-10, v Sam Moore (NI) 13-8, v Sadie Young (Eng) 8-9
Plate Knockout - Last 64 v Gethin Davies (Wal) 4-13

Peter Hore (Holmans)
Group Stages v Stephen Williams (Wal) 8-9, v Chris Page (Eng) 8-10, v Pauline Beattie (NI) 9-7, v Michael Aldren (Eng) 16-6, v Tony Kilgour (Eng) 23-1
Plate Knockout - Last 32 v Steve Stanton (Eng) 7-11

Dennis Shorthouse (Landrake)
Group Stages v Mitchell Young (Eng) 11-10, v Jal Richardson (NIR) 8-14, v Aled Humphreys (Wal) 8-12, v Mike England (Eng) 7-13, v David Glennerster (Eng) 3-23.
Wooden Spoon Knockout - Last 64 v Trevor Pay (Eng) 15-11, Last 32 v Jonas Hager (Swe) 15-9, Last 16 v Alan Thompson (Eng) 13-4, Last 8 v Keith Elliot (Eng) 12-3, Semi Final v George Crothers (Ire) 7-10

Luke Jolly (Treviscoe)
Group Stages v Luke Haddon (Wal) 7-25, v Keith Cooke (Eng) 5-9, v Nigel Reed (Eng) 10-10, v Neil Gribble (Eng) 7-12, v John Devine (Ire) 4-18
Wooden Spoon Knockout - Last 64 v Tom Westlake (Eng) 14-6, Last 32 v Brian Wheeler (Eng) 13-10, Last 16 v Keith Elliot (Eng) 6-12

Neil Gribble (Landrake)
Group Stages v Keith Cooke (Eng) 5-18, v John Devine (Ire) 8-9, v Luke Haddon (Wal) 9-14, v Luke Jolly (Eng) 12-7, v Nigel Reed (Eng) 6-10
Wooden Spoon Knockout - Last 32 v Russell Stallibrass (Eng) 6-16

Nicholas Truscott (Luxulyan)
Group Stages v James Trott (Eng) 8-11, v Jody Bright (Eng) 4-19, v Russell Stallibrass (Eng) 11-10, v Stephen Holdsworth (Eng) 10-12, v Robin Hanson (Swe) 10-9
Wooden Spoon Knockout - Last 32 v Keith Elliot 7-9

Tom Westlake (Lanjeth)
Group Stages v Paul Duff (Ire) 1-14, v Chris Martin (Wal) 10-10, v Chris Blackman (Eng) 10-12, v Christine McKenna (Ire) 12-16, v Ryan Knight (Eng) 3-22
Wooden Spoon Knockout - Last 64 v Luke Jolly (Eng) 6-14


The season starts this weekend for Cornwall's representatives in the England squad with the practice weekend in Northampton which includes the annual match against a Presidents team which will include local representation with David Studden (Illogan) and Luke Jolly (Treviscoe) taking part.


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