Sunday, 21 December 2014

CCSMBA NEWS RELEASE 22 December 2014






With the group stages of the Inter County Championship unusually over by the end of November, December has seen a number of National and County Championship qualification competitions contested locally in the county.


In the National Singles qualifier eight players progressed from a round robin competition into a knockout.  The quarter finals saw Dennis Shorthouse defeating one of Cornwall National Representatives from last year Alan Holden by 12 shots to 2.  Karen Watson defeated Peter Hore 9-3.  Nigel Nicholls defeated Ed Dyer 12-4 and in the final game of the round Elise Daniell defeated Paul Spencer 10-3.


In the Semi Finals Shorthouse won 8-5 against Watson and Nicholls was a 13-3 winner against Daniell.  The final was won by Shoirthouse who defeated Nicholls 10-9.  Watson took third after defeating Daniell 9-4 in the third place play off.


The National Fours qualifier was won by Tom Westlake, Luke Jolly, Ed Dyer and Karen Watson.  Second place was taken by Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott, Nigel Nicholls and Peter Hore.


The CCSMBA is still to hear from the National Governing Body with confirmation of the place allocations for next year's championships to be held again at Church Gresley Indoor Bowing Club in Derbyshire in April.


The County Triples was split into two sessions of play on one day with 4 qualifiers from each session moving forward to the County Finals later in the season.  The morning session saw Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott & Peter Hore unbeaten to win Group One with 6 pts +23 shots.  Robert Staple, Val & Geoff Risdon topped Group Two with 6 +10.  Graham Reeves, Heidi & Richard Kerr came out on top in Group Three with 4 +11 and the final qualifiers from the morning session were Mike Burnard, Bob Banks & Roy Christie with 4 +13.


From the afternoon session Joe Coups, Linda Martin & Gerald Fisher topped Group One with 4 +12.  Richard Brown, Sandra & John Worton were unbeaten to win Group Two with 6 +25.  Keith Matthews, Max Burden & Betty Temple-Smith were also unbeaten with 6 +13.  The final qualifiers were Dennis Shorthouse, Neil Gribble & Gillian Cawrse with 4 +15.


The Two Wood Pairs was played over two days with four qualifiers from each day.  On Saturday a large number of withdrawals left the competition to be played in four groups with just the group winners qualifying.  Sheila & Robert Flower were Group One winners with an unbeaten 6 +22.  Elise Daniell & Peter Hore were also unbeaten in Group Two finishing with 6 +35.  Sandra & John Worton narrowly claimed Group Three with 4 +10.  Top scorers on the day were Group Four winners Graham Reeves & Peter Skinner with 6 +40.


On Sunday teams were split into five groups meaning that five group winners and three best runners up would go into a single knockout round.  Gary Davey & Dennis Shorthouse topped Group One with 4 +13.  Luke Jolly & Karen Watson topped Group Two with an unbeaten 6 +18.  Bill Sharp & Brenda Sleep won Group Three with 5 +23.  David Balow & Roy Sumner were unbeaten in Group Four with 6 +18.  Final group winners were Keith Matthews & Max Burden with the day's best score of 6 +29.  The best runners up were Val & Geoff Risdon on 4+7, Graham Luke & Richard Brown on 4 +24 and Adam Hall & Ed Dyer on 5 +15.


In the knockout round Balow & Sumner defeated Sharp & Sleep 18-4.  Luke & Brown took advantage of the runners up spot to defeat Matthews and Burden 10-6.  Davey & Shorthouse won 12-8 against Hall & Dyer.  Jolly & Watson defeated the Risdons 11-4.


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