Sunday, 26 September 2010

CCSMBA NEWS RELEASE - 26 September 2010


NEWS RELEASE – 26 September 2010




Cornwall started there campaign in the English Short Mat Bowls Association Inter County Championship with a trip to Taunton to face Somerset on Sunday (26 September).


The Premier Team started well taking a 5-3 points advantage in the first session.  David Studden (Illogan) claiming a dominant 21-8 win over his opponent in Singles.  Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) fought back from an early deficit to claim an 11-11 draw in his game.  Kevin Williams (Porthleven) and Ronnie Thomas (Newlyn Trinity) were 20-11 winner in the Pairs.  Somerset reversed the score line in the second session to leave the match tied 8-8 at the halfway point.  Cornwall’s points recorded by Joe Coups (Illogan), Ken Horrell (Withiel) and Brian Wakeley (Ladock) with a 6-6 draw in the Triples and Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott, Karen Watson and Peter Hore (all Holmans) with a 12-9 win in the Fours after picking up three on the last end.


The third session saw Cornwall collect just two points from the four games to fall 14-10 behind in the match.  Cornwall’s points recorded with a 12-8 win thanks to a four on the last end for Gillian Cawrse (Lostwithiel) and Percy Tripp (Helston) in the Pairs.  Despite recording two defeats in the session Cornwall’s Singles retained the shots advantage to record the two bonus points.  The final session saw Cornwall claim a further two game wins together with the bonus points in the Fours.  Carol Ford, Pam Williams and Graham Ford (all St Newlyn East) reversed their morning score line to claim a 15-4 win in the Triples with Peter Hore’s  rink recording a well earned 9-4 win.  The final match score read Somerset 22 points 160 shots Cornwall 18 points 161 shots.



N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 11-11 & 14-11; D Studden (Illogan) 8-21 & 15-9


G Cawrse (Lostwithiel) & P Tripp (Helston) 16-7 & 8-12; K Williams (Porthleven) & R Thomas (Newlyn Trinity) 11-20 & 16-6


C Ford (St Newlyn East), P Williams (St Newlyn East) & G Ford (St Newlyn East) 15-4 & 4-15; J Coups (Illogan), K Horrell (Withiel) & B Wakeley (Ladock) 6-6 & 8-7


E Daniell (Holmans), N Truscott (Holmans), K Watson (Holmans) & P Hore (Holmans) 9-12 & 4-9; R Christophers (Helston), B Williams (Illogan), G Luke (Ladock), & C Roberts (Ladock) 7-5 & 8-6


The A Team enjoyed a shared first session with wins in the Singles for Peter Spargo (Liskeard) 20-9 and Tony Baldwin (Liskeard) 15-12.  The second session was also shared with wins for Tony Jago, Luke Jolly (both Treviscoe) and Derek Swaby (Wadebridge) 13-11 in the Triples and Meg Horrell (Withiel), Margaret Goodwin (Saltash), Grahan Reeves (Saltash) and Derek Newton (Liskeard) 11-8 in the Fours.


Somerset claimed a 6-2 advantage in the third session with Peter Spargo claiming Cornwall’s points with at 18-12 win in the Singles.  Cornwall also took the bonus points for most shots in the Singles.  The pairs failed to register a point although scores were much closer in the afternoon session.  The points were shared in the final session with both counties claimed 2 wins apiece, Somerset the Triples and Cornwall the Fours, Derek Newton’s rink winning 9-6 and Kath Goodman (Treviscoe), Peter Sully (Perranporth), David Griffin (Lostwithiel) and Arthur Hambley (Lostwithiel) 13-5. The Fours also claimed the bonus points.  The final match score read Somerset 22 points 178 shots Cornwall 18 points 174 shots.



P Spargo (Liskeard) 9-10 & 12-18; T Baldwin (Liskeard) 12-15 & 17-7


B Sharp (Dobwalls) & J Ward (Withiel) 17-9 & 12-8; H Kendall (Withiel) & C Stanley (St Newlyn East) 15-8 & 14-13


C Cawrse (Lostwithiel)/S Hodge (Liskeard), M Burden (Dobwalls) & B Sleep (Dobwalls) 11-8 & 9-8; T Jago (Treviscoe), L Jolly (Treviscoe) & D Swaby (Wadebridge) 11-13 & 9-8


K Goodman (Treviscoe), P Sully (Perranporth), D Griffin (Lostwithiel) & A Hambley (Lostwithiel) 11-6 & 5-13; M Horrell (Withiel), M Goodwin (Saltash), G Reeves (Saltash) & D Newton (Liskeard) 8-11 & 6-9


Cornwall’s next match will be against Devon on Saturday 16 October at ISCA Indoor Bowls Centre, Exeter.




Liskeard A claimed the Summer League title over the two leg final against Hotshots played last Wednesday (22 Sept,) at Liskeard and Thursday (23 Sept.) at Holmans.


On Wednesday Liskeard recorded a 25-10 win at home winning 14 of the 21 ends played.  Thursday’s game at Holmans was a closely contested affair with neither team able to establish convincing lead.  After thirteen ends the score was tied at 8-8.  Liskeard took a three on the 14th end but failed to score again in the game with  change of playing order for Hotshots resulting in scores of 3,1,1,2,1,1,3 over the remaining ends to win on the night 20-11 but fell short by 6 shots to claim the overall title with the final score after 42 ends reading Liskeard 36 Hotshots 30.



Liskeard A at Liskeard Dorothy Woodyatt, Sheila Hodge, Peter Spargo & Tony Baldwin.

Liskeard A at Holmans Sheila Hodge, Tony Baldwin, Derek Newton & Peter Spargo

Hotshots Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott, Karen Watson & Peter Hore




Over the coming week the local league competitions get under way with around 90 teams competing in the four area leagues across the county.




Nicholas Truscott

Press and Promotions Officer


Monday, 20 September 2010

CCSMBA News Release - 20 September 2010


NEWS RELEASE - 20 September 2010


ESMBA Inter County Championship


Cornwall start their campaign in the English Short Mat Bowls Association Inter County Championship with a trip to Taunton on Sunday (26 September) to face Somerset at the Taunton Deane Indoor Bowls Centre.  Following the recent County Trials the following squad has been selected for the match;



N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity), D Studden (Illogan), G Cawrse (Lostwithiel), P Tripp (Helston), K Williams (Porthleven), R Thomas (Newlyn Trinity), P Williams (St Newlyn East), C Ford (St Newlyn East), G Ford (St Newlyn East), E Daniell (Holmans), K Watson (Holmans), P Hore (Holmans), J Coups (Illogan), B Williams (Illogan), G Luke (Ladock), B Wakeley (Ladock), R Christophers (Helston), N Truscott (Holmans), K Horrell (Withiel) & C Roberts (Ladock)



P Spargo (Liskeard), G Reeves (Saltash), H Kendall (Withiel), C Stanley (St Newlyn East), B Sharp (Dobwalls), J Ward (Withiel), S Hodge (Liskeard), M Burden (Dobwalls), B Sleep (Dobwalls), T Jago (Treviscoe), L Jolly (Treviscoe), D Swaby (Wadebridge), K Goodman (Treviscoe), P Sully (Perranporth), D Griffin (Lostwithiel), A Hambley (Lostwithiel), M Horrell (Withiel), M Goodwin (Saltash), T Baldwin (Liskeard), D Newton (Liskeard)



County Competitions


The County Competition draws will take place on Saturday afternoon at Luxulyan Village Hall from 14.30 hours.



England Team


Over the weekend (18 & 19 September) Holman bowlers Peter Hore and Karen Watson travelled to Brackley, Northamptonshire to represent England against a select team chosen by the ESMBA President.


On Saturday both players recorded 100% records with Karen winning all 3 of her games and Peter winning both of his.  Karen teamed up with David Newsome (North Yorkshire), Dave Lamb (Norfolk) and Melvin Woods (Norfolk) for a 14-5 win before joining Jacinta Townend (North Yorkshire), Gareth Hill (Devon) and Herbie Bowden (Shropshire) to win 9-7. She also stood in for a missing player in Jon Pitcher's national championship winning triple from Warwickshire and recorded a 14-7 victory.


Peter joined AJ Brown (Oxfordshire), Matt Allen (West Sussex) and Ben Render (North Yorkshire) to win 20-3, having earlier teamed up with Cheshire trio Keith Lackford, Jim Neal and Grant Soller (two of the three players that knocked Cornwall's triple, which included Peter, out of the National Championships at the quarter final stage back in April) to win comfortably 15-2.


On Sunday the select team consisted of last season's County Premier champions Cheshire and A team champions West Midlands.  This time it was Peter's turn to act as cover for a missing player in Jon Pitcher's triple, easing to a 13-7 win over Cheshire.


Karen was teamed with Herbie Bowden and Ryan Knight (Gloucs) for both her games, with Matt Sifford (Essex) leading in the first game and Keith Lackford in the second. The first game ended in a 4-14 defeat to Cheshire but the team bounced back in the afternoon session to dominate their West Mids opponents and win 17-2.


Peter's final game saw him team up with North Yorkshire's David Newsome & Ben Render and Simon Willies (West Mids). After a poor start, leaving them 6-1 down at the half way point the England quartet rallied to secure an 8-8 draw and Peter completed an unbeaten weekend.


Overall England ran out comfortable winners over the course of the 2 days.





Nicholas Truscott

Press and Promotions Officer


Sunday, 12 September 2010

CCSMBA News Release - 12 September 2010


NEWS RELEASE – 12 September 2010


Summer League


The 2010 CCSMBA Summer League final will be contested by Hotshots and Liskeard with the first leg at Liskeard on Wednesday 22nd September and second leg at Holmans on the following night.


Hotshots finished top of the Western Division, two points ahead of Nomads who were a further 13 points ahead of Ladock Chiefs in third place.  Liskeard topped the Eastern Division, six points clear of Blisland in second place who were a further 10 points clear of Tintagel in third.



                              P        W       D        L        F        A        Diff     Pts

Hotshots                  18      16      0        2        471     239     232     50

Nomads                  18      16      0        2        408     282     126     48

Ladock Chiefs          18      11      1        6        353     309     44      35

Lostwithiel                18      8        0        10      337     352     -15     26

Withiel Elms             18      8        0        10      331     317     14      24

Withiel Oaks             17      7        0        10      315     318     -3       22

Ladock Braves         18      7        1        10      304     390     -86     21

Treviscoe                 18      7        0        11      297     370     -73     20

Ladock Apaches        17      4        0        13      275     375     -100    12

Luxulyan                  18      4        0        14      258     397     -139    8



                              P        W       D        L        F        A        Diff     Pts

Liskeard A               14      12      0        2        390     149     241     38

Blisland                   14      10      0        4        311     207     104     32

Tintagel                   14      7        0        7        291     266     25      22

St Minver                 14      8        0        6        255     307     -52     22

Liskeard B               14      7        0        7        305     241     64      20

Boscastle                 14      6        0        8        265     291     -26     18

Camelford               14      4        0        10      213     331     -118    12

St Tudy                   14      2        0        12      155     393     -238    4


County Team Trials


The first weekend of County Team trials took place on Sunday at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin.  Players selected to form the County Squad return to the Dragon Centre on Sunday for the County Squad Practice day ahead of the first match away to Somerset on 26 September.




Holmans bowlers Peter Hore and Karen Watson were in Daventry on Saturday taking part in the latest squad practice day.  Peter, playing with AJ Brown (Oxford), Kevin Pinkawa (Somerset), and Simon Willies (West Midlands) recorded three wins and two defeats.  Karen, Playing with Mitchell Young (Essex), Dave Lamb (Norfolk) and Chris Hopkins (Northants) recorded three wins, one draw and a defeat.


Both are in action for England again this weekend taking part in the Presidents weekend at Brackley Bowls Club.


Peter and Karen are grateful for the sponsorship received to date from Rowes Honda and VW Live in Wadebridge respectively.  Any offers of sponsorship to help with the travel and accommodation costs are gratefully received.  For more information e-mail


County Competition Entries


A reminder to all clubs that County Competition entries close on Saturday 18 September, forms are with club secretaries or can be downloaded for the Association’s website




Nicholas Truscott

Press and Promotions Officer





Tuesday, 7 September 2010

CCSMBA News Release - 7 September 2010


NEWS RELEASE – 7 September 2010


Summer League


Hotshots need two points from their final game of the season against Luxulyan on Sunday to secure the Western section of the CCSMBA Summer League and set up a Home & Away final against Liskeard A.



                                                P             W            D             L              F              A             Diff         Pts

Nomads                               18           16           0              2              408         282         126         48

Hotshots                              17           15           0              2              440         234         206         46

Ladock Chiefs                    17           10           1              6              331         301         30           31

Lostwithiel                          18           8              0              10           337         352         -15          26

Withiel Elms                       17           8              0              9              314         298         16           22

Withiel Oaks                       17           7              0              10           315         318         -3            22

Treviscoe                             17           7              0              10           289         348         -59          20

Ladock Braves                  17           6              1              10           285         373         -88          19

Ladock Apaches                16           4              0              12           262         359         -97          10

Luxulyan                              16           3              0              13           237         353         -116       6



                                                P             W            D             L              F              A             Diff         Pts

Liskeard A                           14           12           0              2              390         149         241         38

Blisland                                 14           10           0              4              311         207         104         32

Liskeard B                            14           7              0              7              305         241         64           20

Tintagel                                14           7              0              7              291         266         25           20

St Minver                            14           8              0              6              255         307         -52          20

Boscastle                             14           6              0              8              265         291         -26          16

Camelford                           14           4              0              10           213         331         -118       12

St Tudy                                 14           2              0              12           155         393         -238       4


County Squad Trials


On Sunday (12 September) the County Squad Trials will be held at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin with the County Squad then having a practice day on the 19 September ahead of the first Inter County match of the season against Somerset in Wincanton on Sunday 26 September.


England Selections


Two local bowlers, from the Holman club in Camborne, recently took part in the England Squad Trials in Northampton and have subsequently been selected to join the England Squad for the coming season.  Peter Hore has previous experience of the senior squad during the 2008-9 season whilst Karen Watson steps up to the senior level for the first time have previously representing England at Under 18’s level.




Nicholas Truscott

Press and Promotions Officer