Monday, 20 April 2009

Summer League Fixtures & Results


Withiel Elms1493228322233
Withiel Oaks1481532824429
St Newlyn East1471628825521
Ladock Aces14311021031010
Ladock Braves142392303369

Monday-11-May-09 Treviscoe 13 v 22 St Newlyn East
Tuesday-12-May-09 Ladock Braves 17 v 17 Nomads (Newlyn)
Thursday-14-May-09 Dobwalls 18 v 14 Ladock Aces
Friday-15-May-09 Withiel Elms 19 v 19 Withiel Oaks
Tuesday-19-May-09 Ladock Braves 19 v 19 Dobwalls
Thursday-21-May-09 Withiel Oaks 20 v 22 Treviscoe
Friday-22-May-09 Nomads (Newlyn)27 v 13 Withiel Elms
Friday-22-May-09 St Newlyn East 27 v 10 Ladock Aces
Tuesday-26-May-09 Ladock Aces 12 v 23 Withiel Oaks
Thursday-28-May-09 Dobwalls 21 v 15 St Newlyn East
Thursday-28-May-09 Withiel Elms 20 v 14 Ladock Braves
Friday-29-May-09 Nomads (Newlyn) 22 v 16 Treviscoe
Monday-01-Jun-09 Treviscoe 16 v 17 Ladock Braves
Tuesday-02-Jun-09 Ladock Aces 16 v 19 Nomads (Newlyn)
Thursday-04-Jun-09 Withiel Elms 27 v 12 Dobwalls
Friday-05-Jun-09 St Newlyn East 29 v 16 Withiel Oaks
Monday-08-Jun-09 Treviscoe 18 v 18 Withiel Elms
Tuesday-09-Jun-09 Ladock Aces 20 v 20 Ladock Braves
Thursday-11-Jun-09 Dobwalls 21 v 13 Withiel Oaks
Friday-12-Jun-09 Nomads (Newlyn) 28 v 13 St Newlyn East
Monday-15-Jun-09 Treviscoe 24 v 12 Dobwalls
Tuesday-16-Jun-09 Ladock Aces 19 v 22 Withiel Elms
Thursday-18-Jun-09 Withiel Oaks 25 v 15 Nomads (Newlyn)
Friday-19-Jun-09 St Newlyn East 35 v 9 Ladock Braves
Tuesday-23-Jun-09 Ladock Aces 15 v 12 Treviscoe
Thursday-25-Jun-09 Withiel Oaks 30 v 15 Ladock Braves
Thursday-25-Jun-09 Dobwalls 20 v 19 Nomads (Newlyn)
Friday-26-Jun-09 St Newlyn East 19 v 17 Withiel Elms
Tuesday-30-Jun-09 Ladock Aces 21 v 17 Dobwalls
Thursday-02-Jul-09 Withiel Oaks 14 v 20 Withiel Elms
Friday-03-Jul-09 Nomads (Newlyn) 38 v 11 Ladock Braves
Friday-03-Jul-09 St Newlyn East 17 v 19 Treviscoe
Monday-06-Jul-09 Treviscoe 12 v 28 Withiel Oaks
Tuesday-07-Jul-09 Ladock Aces 8 v 34 St Newlyn East
Thursday-09-Jul-09 Dobwalls 30 v 10 Ladock Braves
Thursday-09-Jul-09 Withiel Elms 20 v 16 Nomads (Newlyn)
Monday-13-Jul-09 Treviscoe 30 v 16 Nomads (Newlyn)
Tuesday-14-Jul-09 Ladock Braves 13 v 25 Withiel Elms
Thursday-16-Jul-09 Withiel Oaks 31 v 10 Ladock Aces
Friday-17-Jul-09 St Newlyn East 14 v 14 Dobwalls
Tuesday-21-Jul-09 Ladock Braves 26 v 13 Treviscoe
Thursday-23-Jul-09 Dobwalls 18 v 18 Withiel Elms
Thursday-23-Jul-09 Withiel Oaks 35 v 15 St Newlyn East
Friday-24-Jul-09 Nomads (Newlyn) 24 v 22 Ladock Aces
Tuesday-28-Jul-09 Ladock Braves 19 v 24 Ladock Aces
Thursday-30-Jul-09 Withiel Elms 19 v 14 Treviscoe
Thursday-30-Jul-09 Withiel Oaks 35 v 10 Dobwalls
Friday-31-Jul-09 St Newlyn East 12 v 23 Nomads (Newlyn)
Tuesday-04-Aug-09 Ladock Braves 19 v 26 St Newlyn East
Thursday-06-Aug-09 Dobwalls 24 v 16 Treviscoe
Thursday-06-Aug-09 Withiel Elms 22 v 9 Ladock Aces
Friday-07-Aug-09 Nomads (Newlyn) 23 v 16 Withiel Oaks
Monday-10-Aug-09 Treviscoe 22 v 10 Ladock Aces
Tuesday-11-Aug-09 Ladock Braves 21 v 23 Withiel Oaks
Thursday-13-Aug-09 Withiel Elms 23 v 10 St Newlyn East
Friday-14-Aug-09 Nomads (Newlyn) 20 v 17 Dobwalls


Tintagel Heralds14101331818335
Tintgel Knights1480632619728
Boscastle Bees1480624824724
Boscastle Wasps1481524128021
St Tudy14401021130810
St Minver1422102043326

Tuesday-30-Jun-09 Tintagel Knights 15 v 18 Tintagel Heralds (Played 5th May)
Tuesday-12-May-09 Blisland 27 v 9 Boscastle Bees
Tuesday-12-May-09 St Minver 17 v 25 St Tudy
Tuesday-12-May-09 Tintagel Heralds 16 v 11 Tintagel Knights (Agg 34-26)
Thursday-14-May-09 Boscastle Wasps 19 v 14 Camelford
Tuesday-19-May-09 Tintagel Knights 39 v 8 St Tudy
Wednesday-20-May-09 Camelford 14 v 19 Tintagel Heralds
Thursday-21-May-09 Boscastle Wasps 22 v 17 Blisland
Friday-22-May-09 St Minver 17 v 20 Boscastle Bees
Tuesday-26-May-09 Blisland 33 v 8 St Minver
Tuesday-26-May-09 St Tudy 19 v 18 Camelford
Tuesday-26-May-09 Tintagel Heralds 20 v 11 Boscastle Wasps
Thursday-28-May-09 Boscastle Bees 13 v 19 Tintagel Knights
Tuesday-02-Jun-09 St Minver 8 v 32 Tintagel Knights
Tuesday-02-Jun-09 Tintagel Heralds 34 v 11 Blisland
Thursday-04-Jun-09 Boscastle Bees 30 v 10 Camelford
Thursday-04-Jun-09 Boscastle Wasps 20 v 13 St Tudy
Tuesday-09-Jun-09 Blisland 19 v 18 Tintagel Knights
Tuesday-09-Jun-09 Tintagel Heralds 26 v 8 St Tudy
Wednesday-10-Jun-09 Camelford 32 v 13 St Minver
Thursday-11-Jun-09 Boscastle Bees 12 v 22 Boscastle Wasps
Tuesday-16-Jun-09 St Tudy 17 v 20 Blisland
Tuesday-16-Jun-09 Tintagel Knights 34 v 16 Camelford
Thursday-18-Jun-09 Boscastle Bees 11 v 23 Tintagel Heralds
Friday-19-Jun-09 St Minver 13 v 28 Boscastle Wasps
Tuesday-23-Jun-09 Blisland 18 v 17 Camelford
Tuesday-23-Jun-09 Tintagel Heralds 27 v 11 St Minver
Thursday-25-Jun-09 Boscastle Bees 17 v 11 St Tudy
Thursday-25-Jun-09 Boscastle Wasps 24 v 16 Tintagel Knights
Tuesday-30-Jun-09 St Tudy 17 v 21 St Minver
Wednesday-01-Jul-09 Camelford 32 v 10 Boscastle Wasps
Thursday-02-Jul-09 Boscastle Bees 20 v 14 Blisland
Tuesday-07-Jul-09 Blisland 28 v 16 Boscastle Wasps
Tuesday-07-Jul-09 St Tudy 27 v 14 Tintagel Knights
Tuesday-07-Jul-09 Tintagel Heralds 49 v 2 Camelford
Thursday-09-Jul-09 Boscastle Bees 17 v 16 St Minver
Tuesday-14-Jul-09 Tintagel Knights 30 v 11 Boscastle Bees
Wednesday-15-Jul-09 Camelford 28 v 5 St Tudy
Thursday-16-Jul-09 Boscastle Wasps 21 v 18 Tintagel Heralds
Tuesday-21-Jul-09 Blisland 20 v 15 Tintagel Heralds
Tuesday-21-Jul-09 St Tudy 18 v 21 Boscastle Wasps
Tuesday-21-Jul-09 Tintagel Knights 25 v 11 St Minver
Wednesday-22-Jul-09 Camelford 14 v 23 Boscastle Bees
Tuesday-28-Jul-09 St Tudy 22 v 14 Tintagel Heralds
Tuesday-28-Jul-09 Tintagel Knights 27 v 6 Blisland
Thursday-30-Jul-09 Boscastle Wasps 8 v 29 Boscastle Bees
Friday-31-Jul-09 St Minver 27 v 16 Camelford
Tuesday-04-Aug-09 Blisland 28 v 9 St Tudy
Tuesday-04-Aug-09 Tintagel Heralds 24 v 11 Boscastle Bees
Wednesday-05-Aug-09 Camelford 18 v 13 Tintagel Knights
Thursday-06-Aug-09 Boscastle Wasps 17 v 17 St Minver
Monday-10-Aug-09 Tintagel Knights 33 v 2 Boscastle Wasps
Tuesday-11-Aug-09 St Minver 15 v 15 Tintagel Heralds
Tuesday-11-Aug-09 St Tudy 12 v 25 Boscastle Bees
Wednesday-12-Aug-09 Camelford 19 v 15 Blisland
Friday-14-Aug-09 St Minver 10 v 28 Blisland Should be w/c 12/07

Thursday, 2 April 2009

National Championships

Thursday - Singles

Peter Hore (Holmans) failed to progress from the group stages on day one of the ESMBA National Singles Championship played at Kettering Leisure Village, Northamptonshire.

Peter's first game saw him up against 2 times championship winner ('95 & '99) David Coultas (Humberside). Coultas was never in trouble claiming the game 13-1. Peter recovered well in his second game to claim a 12-7 win over Jim Neal (Cheshire) and give himself a chance of qualification.

Mark Jones (Surrey) provided the opposition in the final group game for Peter. A closely fought game saw Jones eventually take the win 9-10 and top spot with three wins out of three. Coultas took the second qualification spot on shot difference from Hore and Neal tied and the bottom of the table.

Jones progressed through the knockout stages eventually losing in the final to Trevor Brown (Oxfordshire) whilst Coultas lost out 9-8 Simon White (Cheshire) in the second round.

GROUP 9 RESULTS Mark Jones (Surrey) 6 +11, David Coultas (Humberside) 2 +8, Peter Hore (Cornwall) 2 -8, Jim Neal (Cheshire) 2 -8

Friday - Pairs

Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) & Geoff Lane (Penlee) represented Cornwall in the Pairs on Friday. The day started with a narrow 7-8 defeat to Richard Payne & Jamie Watkiss (Worcestershire). An 11-4 win against Tony Main & Michael Avery (Devon) in the second game and a 9- 6 win against previously undefeated Grant Sollar & Keith Lackford (Cheshire) in the final group stage saw the pair qualify for the last 32 as group runners up.

GROUP 6 RESULTS - Grant Sollar & Keith Lackford (Cheshire 3) 4 +14, Nigel Nicholls & Geoff Lane (Cornwall) 4 +9, Richard Payne & Jamie Watkiss(Worcestershire) 4 -4, Tony Main & Michael Avery (Devon 2) 0 -16

The second round saw Nigel & Geoff up against Devon's James Smith & Lee Tolman who proved too strong winning 13-5 to end the Cornish pairings day.

Saturday - Fours

Geoff Lane (Penlee), Nicholas Truscott (Holmans), Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) & Peter Hore (Holmans) started the group stage with a 10-10 draw against the Essex team of Nigel Reed, Matt Sifford, Dave Sifford & Sylvia Scally. The sceond game saw the Cornwall team add to their points tally with a 10-5 win over Hertfordshire team of Adrianne West, Jean Patten, Mary Chadd & Michael West.

The London team of Len Terode, Lucy Torode, Valerie Wren & Eric Chibb provide the opposition in the final group game but proved too strong for the Cornwall team claiming an 11-8 win to take a spot in the last 32 at Cornwall's expense.

GROUP 16 RESULTS - Nigel Reed, Matt Sifford, Dave Sifford & Sylvia Scally (Essex 1) 4 +7, Len Torode, Lucy Torode, Valerie Wren & Eric Cribb (London 1) 4 +6, Geoff Lane, Nicholas Truscott, Nigel Nicholls & Peter Hore (Cornwall) 3 +2, Adrianne West, Jean Patten, Mary Chadd & Michael West (Hertfordshire 3) 0 -15

Sunday - Triples

On the final day of the championships Cornwall were represented by Nicholas Truscott, Nigel Nicholls & Peter Hore in the Triples.

The trio started well with a 12-5 win against the Buckinghamshire team of Brian Latham, Joan Northcott & Val Northcott. The second game saw the previous days losing Fours finalists Steve Proctor, Ste Tinsley & Steve Burrows from Cheshire provide the opposition. A tight match eventually went the way of Cornwall 9-5.

With two wins already in the bag Cornwall went into the last game against the East Sussex team of Malcolm Beard, Paul Seaman & Andrew Beard knowing that a place in the last 32 was already secure. With the East Sussex team also already sure of a last 32 place a closely fought game ensued with East Sussex just edging it 8-7.

The last 32 saw Cornwall up against Roger Green, Gareth Townend and Rose Haynes (North Yorkshire). An initial exchange of 3 scores on the first two ends was followed up by scores of 3, 1, 2 and 2 for North Yorkshire as they opened up a 11-3 lead. Cornwall came back in the 7th end with a score of 3 followed up with a fortuitous 5 in the 8th end to level the scores. The final end saw Cornwall set up a wining position but the North Yorkshire skip was able to move the jack with her last wood and claim 1 to win the game and progress to the last 16 and end Cornwall's National Championship campaign for 2009.

Marazion Charity Tournament

Annual Tournament at Marazion
in aid of the Marazion Committee for Handicapped Children.

Held on 29th March 2009.

M. Jenkin, M. Praed, T. Swann, skipped by N. Nicholls - NEWLYN

E. Daniell, N. Truscott, K. Watson, skipped by P. Hore - HOLMANS

On Sunday 29th March 2009 the annual Bowling Tournament, hosted by Marazion Indoor Bowling Club, raised over £1,500 for the Marazion Committee for Handicapped Children, who raise funds to help local children with special needs.

Thirtysix teams of four from all over Cornwall, competed in the tournament which ended with semi-final teams of Wadebridge skipped by Derek Swaby against Holmans skipped by Peter Hore and Troon skipped by David Studden against Newlyn skipped by Nigel Nicholls. Both games were hard fought ending with Peter Hore and Nigel Nicholls teams going through.

The resulting final between Holmans and Newlyn was very close being 5 shots each going into the last end. The jack had been moved to within 6 inches of the edge of the mat when Trevor Swann bravely sent down a weighted wood which took the jack into the ditch leaving Peter Hore a very difficult draw around some opposing woods to gain shot. His wood however just tipped over the ditch line leaving Newlyn with three shots to win the match by 8 shots to 5.

The players and spectators were treated to excellent lunches and continuous refreshments throughout the day, prepared by the committee members. A good raffle helped to boost the funds with prizes being donated by the participating teams and members of the committee.It was an enjoyable days bowling in aid of a worthy cause.

Thanks to Don Falck for providing the report.