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NEWS RELEASE 23 August 2014

UK OPEN Day One Report

9 local bowlers have been competing in Bromsgrove today during the first day of the Short Mat Players Tour UK Open.  In a hugely competitive competition all have achieved at least one win with Treviscoe's Luke Jolly having the best day with three wins after defeat in his first game.

In Group One Landrake's Richard Kerr has won two and lost two on his debut in major events.  His final group game tomorrow morning is against Alan Jones, a draw will be enough to put Richard through to the Plate competition.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 01

PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1WALPeter Rees1244004633
2NIRMark Beattie943014635
3ENGRichard Kerr642024239
4SCOLawrence Moffat341033540
5WALRichard Prowse341033354
6ENGAlan Jones341033940
Elise Daniell (Holmans) recorded one win against Russell Stallibrass and goes into her final group game against Christopher Hillier knowing a win will take her into the Plate Competition.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 05
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1ENGJohn Manley1244005626
2ENGSteve Stanton1043105225
3WALChristopher Hillier441123745
4WALArwel Morgan341033942
5ENGElise Daniell341032851
6ENGRussell Stallibrass341033154
Landrake's Neil Gribble has recorded two wins and two defeats on the opening day and needs a point from Sunday mornings game against Jorgen Karlsson to be certain of a place in the Plate competition.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 09
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1ENGAllan Williams1244005829
2ENGLee Toleman943015036
3SWEJorgen Karlsson642024731
4ENGNeil Gribble642024639
5ENGDavid Glennerster341034549
6ENGRyan Fox040041779
Holman's Peter Hore has also had a mixed day with two wins and two defeats.  His final group game will be against Catherine Roberts who has yet to win a game so progression to the Plate competition is all but guaranteed.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 10
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1WALAled Humphreys1244006628
2IRLPaddy McElvaney943015633
3ENGPeter Hore642024638
4ENGSheila Wilson642023247
5ENGDanny Curl341033150
6WALCatherine Roberts040042863
Lanjeth's Tom Westlake has a chance of making the top two in a tight group 12 after recording two wins and two draws so far.  His final group game is against table topping P J Gallagher.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 12
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1IRLP.J Gallagher842205832
2ENGPaul Bax742114640
3IRLGlenn Harvey742115332
4ENGTom Westlake642024544
5SWELars Hansen642025238
6ENGSue Dwyer040041482
Newlyn Trinity's Nigel Nicholls' two wins and two defeats leaves him third in Group 11 with progress to the main competition dependant not only on his result against David Wilson but also other results.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 17
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1SWEDick Almen943015726
2WALRichard Palmer943016334
3ENGNigel Nicholls642026433
4NEDFrans Roberts642024446
5ENGDavid Wilson642025041
6ENGKirsty Jordan040049107
Treviscoe's Luke Jolly enjoyed the best day of the local bowlers with three reeling off three wins after an opening defeat to Ryan Knight.  Luke's final group game is against table topping Niall Cox giving him a good chance of making the main competition.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 20
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1IRLNiall Cox1043105326
2ENGRyan Knight943015130
3ENGLuke Jolly943016232
4ENGMichael Ivings742115636
5ENGStephen Wilson040041863
6BELSuzanne Steele040042275
Landrake's Edward Dyer has two wins and two defeats so far and plays bottom placed Richard Ivings in his final game.  A win should ensure a place in the Plate competition.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 23
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1ENGJake Attrill943014730
2WALLuke Haddon943014436
3IRLIvan Craig642023838
4ENGEdward Dyer642024142
5ENGAdam Easthope642023940
6ENGRichard Ivings040042245
Landrake's Dennis Shorthouse is certain of a place in the Plate Competition after two wins and two losses.  His final match on Sunday morning is against table topping Jack Barrett.

UK Open Singles 2014 - Group 24
PointsPlayedWonDrawsLostGoals forGoals against
1ENGJack Barrett1244006615
2ENGRichard Rose943015132
3ENGMatt Chapman943014737
4ENGDennis Shorthouse642024942
5GERErika Wachholz040042658
6ENGSteve Young040042176

Follow Sundays results by clicking on the link

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