Thursday, 21 April 2011

Summer League Fixtures

CCSMBA SUMMER LEAGUE - East Area Section A 2011 Fixtures

Thu 12-May-11 Boscastle Birds v St Minver
Thu 12-May-11 The Wanderers v Blisland
Thu 19-May-11 The Wanderers v Boscastle Birds
Fri 20-May-11 St Minver v Tintagel Heralds
Thu 26-May-11 Boscastle Birds v Tintagel Heralds
Fri 27-May-11 St Minver v Blisland
Tue 31-May-11 Blisland v Tintagel Heralds
Fri 03-Jun-11 St Minver v The Wanderers
Tue 07-Jun-11 Blisland v Boscastle Birds
Fri 10-Jun-11 Tintagel Heralds v The Wanderers
Tue 14-Jun-11 Blisland v The Wanderers
Fri 17-Jun-11 St Minver v Boscastle Birds
Thu 23-Jun-11 Boscastle Birds v The Wanderers
Fri 24-Jun-11 Tintagel Heralds v St Minver
Thu 30-Jun-11 Blisland v St Minver
Fri 01-Jul-11 Tintagel Heralds v Boscastle Birds
Thu 07-Jul-11 The Wanderers v St Minver
Fri 08-Jul-11 Tintagel Heralds v Blisland
Thu 14-Jul-11 Boscastle Birds v Blisland
Thu 14-Jul-11 The Wanderers v Tintagel Heralds

CCSMBA SUMMER LEAGUE - East Area Section B 2011 Fixtures

Tue 10-May-11 St Tudy v Boscastle Bees
Thu 12-May-11 Liskeard v Tintagel Knights
Thu 19-May-11 Liskeard v St Tudy
Thu 19-May-11 Boscastle Bees v Camelford
Tue 24-May-11 St Tudy v Camelford
Sat 28-May-11 Tintagel Knights v Boscastle Bees
Thu 02-Jun-11 Liskeard v Boscastle Bees
Fri 03-Jun-11 Camelford v Tintagel Knights
Thu 09-Jun-11 Boscastle Bees v St Tudy
Sat 11-Jun-11 Tintagel Knights v Liskeard
Tue 14-Jun-11 St Tudy v Tintagel Knights
Thu 16-Jun-11 Liskeard v Camelford
Tue 21-Jun-11 St Tudy v Liskeard
Fri 24-Jun-11 Camelford v Boscastle Bees
Thu 30-Jun-11 Boscastle Bees v Tintagel Knights
Fri 01-Jul-11 Camelford v St Tudy
Thu 07-Jul-11 Boscastle Bees v Liskeard
Sat 09-Jul-11 Tintagel Knights v Camelford
Fri 15-Jul-11 Camelford v Liskeard
Sat 16-Jul-11 Tintagel Knights v St Tudy

After completion of the fixtures above the top two teams from each section will play a further 6
fixtures each to determine the area winner.

Week Commencing

Sun 24-Jul-11 Winner Section A v Winner Section B

Runner Up Section A v Runner Up Section B
Sun 31-Jul-11 Runner Up Section A v Winner Section A

Winner Section B v Runner Up Section B
Sun 07-Aug-11 Winner Section A v Runner Up Section B

Runner Up Section A v Winner Section B
Sun 14-Aug-11 Winner Section B v Winner Section A

Runner Up Section B v Runner Up Section A
Sun 21-Aug-11 Winner Section A v Runner Up Section A

Runner Up Section B v Winner Section B
Sun 28-Aug-11 Runner Up Section B v Winner Section A

Winner Section B v Runner Up Section A

The remaining teams will compete in a plate competition to fill the remaining weeks

w/c 24-Jul-11 5th Section B v 4th Section A Gm 1

5th Section A v 4th Section B Gm 2

w/c 07-Aug-11 Winner Gm 1 v 3rd opposite section Gm 3

Winner Gm 2 v 3rd opposite section Gm 4

w/c 21-Aug-11 Winner Gm 3 v Winner Gm 4

w/c 28-Aug-11 Winner Gm 4 v Winner Gm 3

CCSMBA SUMMER LEAGUE - West Area 2011 Fixtures

Fri 06-May-11 The Drifters v The Nomads
Sun 08-May-11 Ladock Chiefs v Withiel Oaks
Tue 10-May-11 Ladock Braves v Ladock Apaches
Sun 15-May-11 Ladock Chiefs v The Drifters
Thu 19-May-11 Withiel Oaks v Ladock Apaches
Thu 19-May-11 The Elms v The Nomads
Sun 22-May-11 Ladock Chiefs v Ladock Apaches
Tue 24-May-11 Ladock Braves v The Nomads
Thu 26-May-11 The Elms v The Drifters
Thu 02-Jun-11 The Elms v Ladock Chiefs
Thu 02-Jun-11 Withiel Oaks v The Nomads
Fri 03-Jun-11 The Drifters v Ladock Braves
Sun 05-Jun-11 Ladock Apaches v The Nomads
Tue 07-Jun-11 Ladock Braves v The Elms
Thu 09-Jun-11 Withiel Oaks v The Drifters
Sun 12-Jun-11 Ladock Apaches v The Drifters
Tue 14-Jun-11 Ladock Braves v Ladock Chiefs
Thu 16-Jun-11 The Elms v Withiel Oaks
Sun 19-Jun-11 Ladock Chiefs v The Nomads
Sun 19-Jun-11 Ladock Apaches v The Elms
Thu 23-Jun-11 Withiel Oaks v Ladock Braves
Fri 01-Jul-11 The Nomads v The Drifters
Sun 03-Jul-11 Ladock Apaches v Ladock Braves
Thu 07-Jul-11 Withiel Oaks v Ladock Chiefs
Fri 08-Jul-11 The Nomads v The Elms
Sun 10-Jul-11 Ladock Apaches v Withiel Oaks
Fri 15-Jul-11 The Drifters v Ladock Chiefs
Sun 17-Jul-11 Ladock Apaches v Ladock Chiefs
Fri 22-Jul-11 The Drifters v The Elms
Sat 23-Jul-11 The Nomads v Ladock Braves
Sun 24-Jul-11 Ladock Chiefs v The Elms
Tue 26-Jul-11 Ladock Braves v The Drifters
Fri 29-Jul-11 The Nomads v Withiel Oaks
Thu 04-Aug-11 The Elms v Ladock Braves
Fri 05-Aug-11 The Nomads v Ladock Apaches
Fri 05-Aug-11 The Drifters v Withiel Oaks
Sun 07-Aug-11 Ladock Chiefs v Ladock Braves
Thu 11-Aug-11 Withiel Oaks v The Elms
Fri 12-Aug-11 The Drifters v Ladock Apaches
Tue 16-Aug-11 Ladock Braves v Withiel Oaks
Thu 18-Aug-11 The Elms v Ladock Apaches
Fri 19-Aug-11 The Nomads v Ladock Chiefs

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