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CCSMBA News Release - 21 November 2010


NEWS RELEASE – 21st November 2010




Whilst local bowlers took a break from competitive action over the weekend, Holmans club member Karen Watson travelled to the Isle of Man to take her place in the England team at the British Isles Championship.  The format involved teams from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Isle of Man, playing in both Individual Championships for Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours and a Team Championship involving 16 players per team playing in 4 rinks, the cumulative scores from each match determining the final result.


Playing in the team competition Karen was teamed with Stephen Burrows (Cheshire), Jason McLean (Hampshire) and Craig Burgess (Essex).  Their first game saw Scotland claim an 8-7 win but England won 53-27 overall.  Next up were the Isle of Man with England claiming a comfortable 73-14 margin with Karen’s team winning 14-2.  Wales were the opponents in the third round of games with England again coming out on top 35-27 although Karen’s team lost 9-7.


England went into the final session against Ireland knowing the an overall win would secure the championship.  In a close session Ireland lead by three shots with an end to play and extended the lead to five to claim the win 36-31 and the Team Championship,  Karen’s team losing 9-5.  England finished in 2nd overall.


England claimed to titles in the Individual championships.  Devon’s Lee Toleman & Michael Ivings taking the Pairs and Shropshire’s Warwick France, Allan Williams, Chris Shakeshaft & Chris Williams claimed the Fours.  Ireland claimed the Singles, England’s Trevor Brown (Oxfordshire) finishing third and the Triples with England’s Dave Hayward (Warwickshire), Martin Walker (Cheshire), John Pitcher (Warwickshire) in second place.


Full results can be found at



Next weekend attention returns to local matters with the County Triples at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin with 39 teams split over the two days competing for one of the eight places available in the county finals in January.




League tables can be found on the following links, the * mark shown in the tables does not need to reproduced.


West Premier Division

West Division One

West Division Two


Central Premier Division

Central Division One


North Division One

North Division Two


East Area will be sent separately.



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