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CCSMBA News Release - 14 November 2010


NEWS RELEASE 14 November 2010




On Sunday (14 November) Cornwall travelled to the Dorset Bowls Resort, Bere Regis for the latest round of ESMBA Inter County Championship fixture against Dorset.


Cornwall’s Premier Team suffered a heavy defeat with the final score reading Dorset 29 points 206 shots Cornwall 11 points 136 shots.  Dorset completed a clean sweep of wins in the first session of Singles and Pairs.  The second session saw Cornwall take a shared session thanks to wins for Joe Coups, Ken Horrell and Brian Wakeley in the triples 9-8 and Roy Christophers, Graham Luke, Ronnie Thomas & Chris Roberts 9-7. 


In the third session Michael Widger & Kevin Williams claimed an 11-10 win in the Pairs but with Dorset winning the other three games in the session and securing the shots bonus points in the Singles and Pairs the match was out of reach for Cornwall.  The final session saw Dorset consolidate a well earned match victory with a 5-3 session advantage.  Cornwall’s points recorded in the Fours by Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott, Karen Watson & Peter Hore with a 10-6 win and Chris Robert’s team earning a hard earned 7-7 draw to ensure that Cornwall also claimed the Fours bonus points.


SCORES - Singles

N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 17-8 & 17-10; D Studden (Illogan) 21-5 & 15-7


G Cawrse (Lostwithiel) & P Tripp (Helston) 15-12 & 12-8; K Williams (Porthleven) & M Widger (Porthleven) 19-8 & 10-11


G Reeves (Saltash), P Williams (St Newlyn East) & G Ford (St Newlyn East) 15-2 & 10-8; J Coups (Illogan), K Horrell (Withiel) & B Wakeley (Ladock) 8-9 & 16-13


E Daniell (Holmans), N Truscott (Holmans), K Watson (Holmans) & P Hore (Holmans) 11-9 & 6-10; R Christophers (Helston), G Luke (Ladock), R Thomas (Newlyn Trinity) & C Roberts (Ladock) 7-9 & 7-7


Group Table

                   P        W       D        L        Pts

Devon           3        3        0        0        88

Dorset          4        3        0        1        87

Somerset      3        1        0        2        57

Cornwall        4        0        0        4        48


The A Team started slowly claiming a single win from the four games in the first session, Peter Spargo winning 16-11 in the Singles.  The second session saw Cornwall claim all four games.  In the Triples Luke Jolly, Bill Sharp & Brenda Sleep 15-7 and Bob Williams, Linda Martin & Gerald Fisher 8-4.  In the Fours Kath Goodman, Peter Sully, Derek Swaby & David Griffin 14-4 and Meg Horrell, Margaret Goodwin, Miriam Barbery & Max Burden 7-5.  At the halfway point Cornwall led by 10 points 84 shots to Dorset’s 6 points 78 shots.


The third session saw the points shared with Cornwall claiming both Singles games and the bonus points, Peter Spargo 17-9 and Tony Baldwin 23-5.  The final session saw the game points on offer shared with two wins apiece, Gerald Fisher’s Triple winning 10-8 and David Griffin’s Four 13-3.  Cornwall also secured the bonus points for both Triples and Fours to leave the final score reading Dorset 16 points 163 shots Cornwall 24 points 167 shots.


SCORES - Singles

P Spargo (Liskeard) 11-16 & 9-17; T Baldwin (Liskeard) 13-8 & 5-23


J Rule (Lostwithiel) & T Bray (Lostwithiel) 16-11 & 17-8; J Ward (Withiel) & C Stanley (St Newlyn East) 18-5 & 17-7


L Jolly (Treviscoe), B Sharp (Dobwalls) & B Sleep (Dobwalls) 7-15 & 9-4; B Williams (Illogan), L Martin (Illogan) & G Fisher (Illogan) 4-8 & 8-10


K Goodman (Treviscoe), P Sully (Perranporth), D Swaby (Wadebridge) & D Griffin (Lostwithiel) 4-14 & 3-13; M Horrell (Withiel), M Goodwin (Saltash), M Barbery (Dobwalls) & M Burden (Dobwalls) 5-7 & 17-1


Group Table

                   P        W       D        L        Pts

Cornwall        4        3        0        1        94

Somerset      3        3        0        0        75

Devon           3        0        1        2        48

Dorset          4        0        1        3        43


Cornwall’s next match will be the return fixture against Dorset to be played on Sunday 5 December at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin.




On Saturday 23 teams contested the qualification competition for the County Mixed Fours at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin.  Split into 5 groups, the group winners and three best runners up would qualify for the finals to be played later in the season.


A tough days play saw only one team progress unbeaten, Lostwithiel’s Pam Hamley, Marilyn Stewart, Jim Rule and Terry Bray with 5 points +20 to win Group One.  The Wadebridge team of Margaret Menhinick, Barbara Swaby, Derek Swaby & John Menhinick took Group Two with 4 +10.  Group Three went the way of Liskeard’s Sheila Hodge, Edna Cope, Peter Spargo & Tony Baldwin with 4 +6.  Group Five went the way of Dobwall’s Miriam Barbery, Bill Sharp, Brenda Sleep & Max Burden with 4 +9.  The final group winners spot went to Withiel’s  Joan Boddy, Eric Boddy, Margaret Horrell and Ken Horrel with 4 +11. 


The Runner’s Up spots went to Kath Goodman (Treviscoe), Joyce Ward (Withiel), Michael Widger & Kevin Williams (Porthleven) with 4 +16.  St Agnes’s John & Marion Keers and Vera & Brian Blackwell took the second spot with 4 +7 and Newlyn Trinity’s Christine & Len Coxall, Margaret Jenkin and Nigel Nicholls took the final spot with 4 +2.




There is a break in local action this weekend as the British Isles Championships in the Isle of Man take centre stage.  Cornwall will be represented in the team for the first time in nearly 20 years with Karen Watson from the Holmans club named in the team of 16 for the Rinks competition.  Karen, a regular member of the Cornwall Premier Team, was first selected for England at Under 18’s level in 2003 has moved into the senior squad for the first time this season. 




League tables can be found on the following links, the * mark shown in the tables does not need to reproduced.


West Premier Division

West Division One

West Division Two


Central Premier Division

Central Division One


North Division One

North Division Two



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