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Cornwall County Short Mat Bowling Association - News Release 9 December 2018


On Sunday Cornwall were represented in the qualification heats for the ESMBA Inter County Premier Rinks at Tamworth.

Cornwall faced Devon and Northamptonshire comfortably winning both, 59-22 against Devon and 50-36 against Northamptonshire winning 7 rinks and drawing 1 through the day.  Cornwall go through to the finals on Sunday 27th January 2019.

Cornwall are still awaiting confirmation of arrangements for the knockout stages of the Inter County Championships and who the opponents will be for both the Premier and A Teams.

On Saturday 21 teams took part in the qualification competition for the County Fours at Carnmoggas.  8 Teams progress through to March's County Finals.  Group Winners were Gill Cawrse (Newlyn Trinity), Lyn Davey (Landrake), Martin Boraston (Duloe) & Gary Davey (Landrake) who topped Group One with 6 points +12 shots.  Group Two was topped by Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott (Holmans), Callum Beale (Withiel) & Peter Hore (Holmans) with the days best score of 6 +34.  

Cynthia Storer, Graham Luke, Tony Jago & Chris Roberts (Ladock) topped Group Three with 5 +24.  Bobby Doe, Treeve Pollard, Chris Selby & David Studden (Holmans) won Group Four with 6 +16.  Diane Shorthouse, Heidi Ker, Richard Kerr & Dennis Shorthouse (Landrake) topped Group 5 with 4 +12.  The best runners up qualifying were from Group Three Betty Temple-Smith, Mike Webster, Max Burden & Keith Matthews (Blisland) with 5 +15.  Ronnie Thomas, Rose Dyer, John Thomas & Mike Dyer (Newlyn Trinity) took the second spot with 4 +15 in Group Four.  Carol & John Dodd and Sandra & John Worton (St Newlyn East) took the final spot with 4 +4 in Group One.

On Saturday 1st December a small number of local bowlers competed in the Short Mat Players Tour World Fours Masters in Chelmsford.  Elise Daniell (Holmans), Luke Jolly, Callum Beale (Withiel) & Peter Hore (Holmans) topped Group 9 with scores of 21-2, 6-6 and 12-5 before going out in the Last 16 round 2-13.  Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) joined with three players from Sweden to top Group 1 with results of 9-4, 10-7 and 8-4 before also losing in the Last 16 round 3-7.  James Smith (Newlyn Trinity) joined with fellow South West based bowlers Paul Pomeroy, George Main and Elliot James coming second in Group 4 with results of 14-8, 7-8 and 13-6.  In the knockouts the four progressed to the Quarter Finals with a 14-8 win before narrowly losing 7-8 in the quarter finals.

On Sunday 2nd the Short Mat Players Tour World Pairs Masters were played in Chelmsford.  Beale & Hore topped Group 4 with results of 11-10, 14-7 & 7-12 before losing 6-11 in the Last 32 round of the knockouts.  Nicholls paired with Paul Seaman (East Sussex) to top Group 12 with results of 9-5, 11-4 & 13-4.  In the Last 32 round of the knockouts a 18-6 win progressed the pair to the Last 16 where they lost 6-8.  Daniell & Jolly topped Group 17 with results of 12-5, 17-3 & 11-9 but lost 5-10 in the Last 32 round of the knockouts.  Smith paired with Pomeroy finishing second in Group 11 with results of 8-7, 7-9 & 26-3.  In the knockouts wins of 12-3, 14-3 and 8-3 saw them through to the semi finals where they lost 5-11.

This weekend around 60 bowlers will compete for the 8 places in the County Finals with the entry split over two days at Carnmoggas.

The County Evening League program is underway and continually updated league tables for each division can be accessed from the following links.

We have added new functionality to the website to enable media organisations to download league match results within a defined date range to suit production deadline.  This can be found at

West Premier -
West Division One -
Central Premier -
Central Division One -
East Premier -
East Division One -

Sat 15 December - County Singles @ Carnmoggas
Sun 16 December - County Singles @ Carnmoggas
Sat 5 January - County Four Wood Pairs @ Carnmoggas
Sat 6 January - County Four Wood Pairs @ Carnmoggas
Sat 12 January - Short Mat Players Tour British Open @ York IBC
Sun 13 January - Short Mat Players Tour British Open @ York IBC

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