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CCSMBA News Release - 5 December 2010


NEWS RELEASE 5 December 2010

ESMBA Inter County Championship

Cornwall hosted Dorset at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin on Sunday in the latest round of ESMBA Inter County Championship matches. Cornwall’s Premier Team went into the game firmly stuck to the bottom of the South West area table having not won an match so far this season whilst the A Team looked to consolidate their position at the top of the table after Somerset’s 26-14 loss away to Devon on Saturday.

Cornwall took a 5-3 advantage in the first session of the Premier Team match with a wins for Nigel Nicholls in the Singles 14-13 and Karen Watson & David Studden 11-10 in the Pairs. Gillian Cawrse & Percy Tripp earned an 11-11 draw in the second pairs game. Dorset struck back in the second session taking three wins out of four to lead at the half way point. Cornwall’s only points of the session recorded by Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott & Kevin Williams who fought back from a 1-6 deficit to win 11-9 in the Triples.

Cornwall re-took the lead in the third session thanks to wins for Nigel Nicholls 17-9 in the Singles, Gillian Cawrse & Percy Tripp 16-15 and Karen Watson & David Studden 14-6 in the Pairs. Cornwall also claimed the bonus points in both disciplines to lead 17-11 going into the final session. Cornwall took maximum points from the final session. In the Triples of Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott & Kevin Williams won 11-9 and Henry Kendall, Ken Horrell & Brian Wakeley claimed victory 16-7. In the Fours Carolyn Stanley, Carol Ford, Pam Williams & Graham Ford were 12-3 winners whilst Roy Christophers, Graham Luke, Ronald Thomas & Chris Roberts took an last end decider to win 7-6. Cornwall also secured the bonus points in both disciplines to finish with a score of Cornwall 29 points 182 shots Dorset 11 points 163 shots.

Table – Premier

P W D L Pts

Devon 4 4 0 0 112

Dorset 5 3 0 2 98

Cornwall 5 1 0 4 77

Somerset 4 1 0 3 73

SCORES - Singles

N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 14-13 & 19-9; P Hore (Holmans) 12-13 & 9-16


G Cawrse (Lostwithiel) & P Tripp (Helston) 11-11 & 16-15; K Watson (Holmans) & D Studden (Illogan) 11-10 & 14-6


E Daniell (Holmans), N Truscott (Holmans) & K Williams (Porthleven) 11-9 & 11-9; H Kendall (Withiel), K Horrell (Withiel) & B Wakeley (Ladock) 5-17 & 16-7


Carolyn Stanley (St Newlyn East), Carol Ford (St Newlyn East), Pam Williams (St Newlyn East) & Graham Ford (St Newlyn East) 7-9 & 12-3; R Christophers (Helston), G Luke (Ladock), R Thomas (Newlyn Trinity) & C Roberts (Ladock) 9-10 & 7-6

The A Team started with a shared first session thanks to a 25-4 for Peter Spargo in the Singles and an 18-9 advantage for Miriam Barbery & Brenda Sleep in the Pairs. Cornwall took a lead in the match with three wins in the second session, the most impressive coming from the Four of Kath Goodman, Jim Rule, Derek Swaby and David Griffin who led their opponents 17-0 after five ends and going onto win 21-5. Tony Jago, Linda Martin & Gerald Fisher were 11-3 winners in the Triples and Meg Horrell, Margaret Goodwin, Graham Reeves & Derek Newton 8-4 winners in the Fours. At the halfway point the score read Cornwall 10 Dorset 6.

The third session was again shared with Tony Baldwin winning 21-5 in the Singles and draws for Peter Spargo in the second Singles 12-12 and Miriam Barbery & Brenda Sleep 12-12 in the Pairs. Dorset were not yet done though and claimed three win in the final session, Cornwall points coming from Kath Goodman, Jim Rule, Derek Swaby and David Griffin winning 8-5. Cornwall claimed the bonus points from Singles and Fours with Dorset taking the Pairs and Triples to leave the final score at Cornwall 20 points 192 shots Dorset 20 points 156 shots.

Table – A Team

P W D L Pts

Cornwall 5 3 1 1 114

Somerset 4 3 0 1 89

Dorset 5 0 2 3 83

Devon 4 1 1 2 74

SCORES - Singles

P Spargo (Liskeard) 25-4 & 12-12; T Baldwin (Liskeard) 11-14 & 21-5


S Hodge (Liskeard) & T Bray (Lostwithiel) 11-22 & 9-18; M Barbery (Dobwalls) & B Sleep (Dobwalls) 18-9 & 12-12


J Ward (Withiel), L Jolly (Treviscoe) & M Burden (Dobwalls) 7-8 & 10-11; T Jago (Treviscoe), L Martin (Illogan) & G Fisher (Illogan) 11-3 & 5-13


K Goodman (Treviscoe), J Rule (Lostwithiel), D Swaby (Wadebridge) & D Griffin (Lostwithiel) 21-5 & 8-5; M Horrell (Withiel), M Goodwin (Saltash), G Reeves (Saltash) & D Newton (Liskeard) 8-4 & 3-11

Cornwall face the last match of the South West group stages on Sunday 9th January when Somerset will visit the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin.

County Two Wood Singles

On Saturday 35 bowlers contested the County Two Wood Singles qualification competition at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin with play split into two sessions.

17 bowlers contested the morning session over four groups with the winners progressing to Finals Day. Mark Albon (Luxulyan) finished with 4 points +7 shots to claim Group One edging out John Keers (St Agnes) by a single shot. Graham Reeves claimed Group Two with an unbeaten 6 +21. Karen Watson (Holmans) recorded the day’s best score of 6 +37 to claim Group Three. Rounding off the qualifiers from the morning was Martin Boraston (Liskeard) with 6 +24 from Group Four.

18 bowlers contested the afternoon session again over four groups. Peter Hore (Holmans) claimed Group One with 6 +21. Tony Baldwin (Liskeard) defeated Graham Ford 12-7 in the final game of Group Two to finish on 5 +9. Norman Ward needed a 12-9 win over Brenda Sleep in the final game of Group Three to confirm qualification with 5 +5. Carol Ford and Nigel Nicholls played out a 9-9 draw in the final game of Group Four to leave Carol on 5 +19 edging out Nigel by one shot.

County Leagues

Only a handful of games were played last week due to the wintery weather conditions.

League tables can be found on the following links, the * mark shown in the tables does not need to reproduced.

West Premier Division

West Division One

West Division Two

Central Premier Division

Central Division One

North Division One

North Division Two

East Area will be sent separately.

The final competition before the Christmas break will be played at the Dragon Centre over the forthcoming weekend when Individual Honours take centre stage with the qualification competition for the County Singles.

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