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CCSMBA News Release - 17 October 2010


NEWS RELEASE – 17 October 2010




On Saturday Cornwall travelled to Exeter to face Devon in the latest round of ESMBA Inter County Championship matches at the ISCA Centre.


Cornwall’s Premier Team started well claiming two wins and a draw in the first session.  Nigel Nicholls claiming a comprehensive 22-7 win in the Singles, David Studden drawing the other Singles 11-11 and Gillian Cawrse & Percy Tripp 13-12 winners in the Pairs.  Devon hit back in the second session claiming three of the four games, Cornwall points recorded by the Triple of Joe Coups, Ken Horrell and Brian Wakeley.  At the halfway point the score read Devon 9 points 75 shots Cornwall 7 points 87 shots.


The second session of Singles and Pairs saw Cornwall fade out of contention as Devon claimed all four games to take a commanding 19-9 lead in the match, Cornwall having earned the bonus point for most shots in the Singles and Devon claiming the Pairs.  Devon again took a 6-2 session advantage in the final session to wrap up a comfortable victory, Cornwall’s points recorded by Brian Wakeley’s Triple with a 13-5 win which also ensured the Triples Bonus Points.  The final match score read Devon 27 points 182 shots Cornwall 13 points 155 shots.


SCORES - Singles

N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 7-22 & 14-10; D Studden (Illogan) 11-11 & 16-6


G Cawrse (Lostwithiel) & P Tripp (Helston) 12-13 & 18-8; K Williams (Porthleven) & R Thomas (Newlyn Trinity) 12-9 & 19-12


C Ford (St Newlyn East), P Williams (St Newlyn East) & G Ford (St Newlyn East) 9-8 & 12-8; J Coups (Illogan), K Horrell (Withiel) & B Wakeley (Ladock) 4-12 & 5-13


E Daniell (Holmans), N Truscott (Holmans), K Watson (Holmans) & P Hore (Holmans) 8-4 & 12-6; R Christophers (Helston), G Luke (Ladock), M Widger (Porthleven) & C Roberts (Ladock) 12-8 & 11-5


Cornwall’s A Team were unbeaten in the first session of their match with wins in the Singles for Peter Spargo 13-11, Tony Baldwin 15-10 and in the Pairs Bill Sharp & Terry Bray 17-7.  Joyce Ward & Carolyn

Stanley drew the remaining game of the session 12-12 to see Cornwall hold a 7-1 lead.  Cornwall were again on top in the second session winning three out of four games.  Luke Jolly, Max Burden and Brenda Sleep winning 15-4 in the Triples.  In the fours Kath Goodman, Peter Sully, Dave Griffin & Arthur Hambley were 13-4 winners whilst Meg Horrell, Margaret Goodwin, Graham Reeves and Derek Newton won 6-10.  At the halfway point Cornwall held a 13 points 99 shots to Devon’s 3 points 68 shots lead.


Devon hit back in the third session claiming three of the four games, Cornwall’s solitary win recorded by the ever reliable Peter Spargo with a 18-10 win in the Singles ensuring the bonus points.  Devon claimed the bonus points in the Pairs after recording a 22 shot advantage over the session.  The final session saw the points shared with two wins apiece.  Cornwall’s points scored by Bob Williams, Linda Martin & Gerald Fisher with a 8-6 win in the Triples and in the Fours Derek Newton’s last bowl over turned a game losing lie of three against to pickup four shots and a 11-6 win ensuring the Fours bonus points.  The final match score read Devon 17 points 159 shots Cornwall 23 points 174 shots.


SCORES - Singles

P Spargo (Liskeard) 11-13 & 10-18; T Baldwin (Liskeard) 10-15 & 14-11


B Sharp (Dobwalls) & T Bray (Lostwithiel) 7-17 & 19-5; J Ward (Withiel) & C Stanley (St Newlyn East) 12-12 & 16-8


L Jolly (Treviscoe), M Burden (Dobwalls) & B Sleep (Dobwalls) 4-15 & 11-7; B Williams (Illogan), L Martin (Illogan) & G Fisher (Illogan) 14-4 & 6-8


K Goodman (Treviscoe), P Sully (Perranporth), D Griffin (Lostwithiel) & A Hambley (Lostwithiel) 4-13 & 9-5; M Horrell (Withiel), M Goodwin (Saltash), G Reeves (Saltash) & D Newton (Liskeard) 6-10 & 6-11


Cornwall are next in action on the 31 October at the Dragon Centre when Devon will again be the opponents.




On Sunday (17 October) twenty four teams competed in the County Fours qualification competition at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin.  The competition was played on a round robin basis with teams were split into six groups of four with each team playing three games with the six group winners and two best runners up qualifying for the finals.


Group One went the way of the Holmans team of Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott, Karen Watson & Peter Hore who were unbeaten recording a draw and two wins to finish on 5 points and +14 shots.  Liskeard’s Sheila Hodge, Tony Baldwin, Derek Newton & Peter Spargo claimed three wins to take Group Two with 6 +10.  Group Three went the way of an unbeaten St Newlyn East team of Sheila Collins, Carol Ford, Pam Williams & Graham Ford with 6 +22.


Group Four went the way of Margaret Jenkin (Newlyn Trinity), Ronnie Thomas (Newlyn Trinity), John Thomas (Penzance) & Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) unbeaten with 6 +20.  Saltash’s Melba Kitt, Margaret Goodwin, Graham Reeves & Darren Woolner claimed Group 5 with 6 +14.  The final group, Group 6, proved the closest on the day with two teams finishing tied on 4 +11.  The group win going to Lostwithiel’s Pam Hamley, Chris Cawrse, Gillian Cawrse and Peter Hamley who had defeated Illogan’s Joe Coups, Bob Williams, Linda Martin & Gerald Fisher in there group game to qualify on count back.  Rounding off the qualifiers were Dobwalls’ Graham Sleep, Bill Sharp, Brenda Sleep & Max Burden with 4 +15 and Lostwithiel’s Dave Abbis, Camilla Cawrse, Robert Peareth & Terry Bray with 4 +12.


The eight qualifying teams will contest the finals on Saturday 22 January 2011.




59 teams are entered in the County Pairs qualification competition to be plated over two days at the Dragon Leisure Centre this weekend (23 & 24 October).




Nicholas Truscott

Press and Promotions Officer


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