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CCSMBA News Release 5th October 2009


NEWS RELEASE 5th October 2009

Inter County Championship

Cornwall’s Inter County Championship teams made a positive start to the season away to Somerset on Sunday.

The Premier Team started well claiming three wins in the first session thanks to wins for Peter Hore (14-12) and Nigel Nicholls (18-6) in the singles, and Gillian Cawrse & Percy Tripp (15-12) in the pairs. The second session again went Cornwall’s way with wins in the fours of Kath Goodman, Peter Sully, Gerald Fisher & John Thomas (12-5) and Roy Christophers, Graham Luke, Derek Newton & Chris Roberts (13-1), and a draw in the triples for Pam Williams, Carol Ford & Graham Ford (9-9). At the end of the morning session Cornwall held an 11 – 5 points lead.

After lunch, a shared third session with wins Nicholls (14-6) and Cawrse & Tripp (16-13) ensured that the match remained undecided going into the final session. A tense final session saw the four of Goodman, Sully, Fisher & Thomas win comfortably (13-1). The outcome was finally decided in Cornwall’s favour with last wood deciders in the triples game featuring Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott & Brian Wakeley (7-6) and the fours featuring of Christophers, Luke, Newton & Roberts (9-8). The final score after addition of bonus points for most shots in the singles and fours for Cornwall and pairs and Triples for Somerset was Somerset 15 points 161 shots Cornwall 25 points 175 shots.

The A Team’s first session was shared with Cornwall claiming both singles thanks to Peter Spargo (16-8) and Graham Reeves (12-9) and Somerset taking both pairs. The second session proved Cornwall’s best of the day winning on all four mats, Tony Jago, Miriam Barbery & Brenda Sleep (13-6) and Jim Stanley, Marilyn Stewart & Arthur Hambley (12-9) in the triples and Marion Keers, Joyce Ward, John Keers & Norman Ward (10-7) and Meg Horrell, Camilla Cawrse, Betty Temple-Smith & Carolyn Stanley (6-5) in the pairs. Cornwall held a 12-4 points lead at the end of the morning session.

After the lunch break Somerset dragged them self back into contention taking all four games of the afternoon Singles and Pairs to level the points score at 12-12 but heavy scoring saw the hosts secure the bonus points in both disciplines. A tense final session saw the points shared. A win for Horrell, Cawrse, Temple-Smith & Stanley (4-10) and a draw for the Keers and Ward combination (6-6) in the fours combined with a draw in the triples for Jago, Barbery and Sleep (12-12) left the game points tied 16-16. Somerset however claimed the triples bonus points by 1 shot with Cornwall taking the fours points by a comfortable margin. The final score read Somerset 22 points 187 shots Cornwall 18 points 153 shots.

Scorers (Somerset scores first)

Premier Team

Singles - P Hore (Holmans) 12-14 & 20-10; N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 6-18 & 6-14

Pairs - G Cawrse (Luxulyan) & P Tripp (Helston) 12-15 & 13-16; K Williams (Porthleven) & D Griffin (Lostwithiel) 16-9 & 13-8

Triples - P Williams (St Newlyn East), C Ford (St Newlyn East) & G Ford (St Newlyn East) 9-9 & 16-5; E Daniell (Holmans), N Truscott (Holmans) & B Wakeley (Luxulyan) 17-3 & 6-7

Fours - K Goodman (Treviscoe), P Sully (Holmans), G Fisher (Troon) & J Thomas (Penzance) 5-12 & 1-13; G Luke (Luxulyan), R Christophers (Helston), D Newton (Liskeard) & C Roberts (Ladock) 1-13 & 8-9

A Team

Singles – P Spargo (Liskeard) 8-16 & 17-9; G Reeves (Saltash) 9-12 & 20-6

Pairs - S Hodge (Liskeard) & T Baldwin (Liskeard) 10-8 & 24-6; M Goodwin (Saltash) & B Sharp (Dobwalls) 18-11 & 15-10

Triples - A Jago (Treviscoe), M Barbery (Dobwalls) & B Sleep (Dobwalls) 6-13 & 12-12; J Stanley (St Newlyn East), M Stewart (Lostwithiel) & A Hambley (Lostwithiel) 9-12 & 17-6

Fours - M Keers (St Agnes), J Ward (Withiel), J Keers (St Agnes) & N Ward (Withiel) 7-10 & 6-6; M Horrell (Withiel), C Cawrse (Luxulyan), B Temple-Smith (Lostwithiel) & C Stanley (St Newlyn East) 5-6 & 4-10

This Sunday (11 October) the first round of Inter Area League matches take place at the Dragon Centre, Bodmin with teams of twenty representing of the four area leagues.


Nicholas Truscott

Press and Promotions Officer


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john keers said...

Good Report Nick.

Marion and I really enjoyed our first match for Cornwall. The Wards' looked after us and we found everyone was so friendly.