Sunday, 11 October 2009

CCSMBA News Release - 11 October 2009


NEWS RELEASE - 11 October 2009




The first round of Inter Area League matches were contested at the Dragon Leisure Centre in Bodmin on Sunday.


In the first game, last year’s winners and runners up came head to head with East playing West.  In the first session of Singles and Fours the east claimed three wins to open up a 6 points to 2 lead.   A reverse of the score in the second session, Pairs and Triples, saw both areas tied on 8 points with the west narrowly ahead on shots.  The third session saw the East claim both Singles games and the West both Fours to leave the score tied going into the last session.  A tight final session saw both areas claim a Pairs and Triples win apiece, with superior shot scoring by the West securing the four bonus points and the match win.  The final score reading East 16 points 173 shots West 20 pints 177 shots.


The second game saw the North and Central meet in what turned out to be a one sided match.  Central claimed three wins in the morning Singles and Fours followed by a clean sweep of the morning Pairs and Triples to lead by 14 points to 2 at the half way point.  The afternoon Singles and Fours saw Central claim three wins to put the result of the match beyond doubt with a session to spare.  A further three wins in the afternoon Pairs and Triples left the final score, after addition of the bonus points, North 6 points 132 shots Central 30 points 222 shots.




Cornwall face Devon in the first home match of the season for the county squad on Sunday (18 October) at the Dragon Leisure Centre.  Cornwall will be keen to build on the strong start made to the season in Somerset recently.  The match gets under way at 11.00 and will run through to about 15.30.




The first County competition of the season takes place on Saturday at the Dragon Leisure Centre with 28 teams expected to compete.




The area leagues are now underway with most teams having now played their first games of the season.





Nicholas Truscott

Press and Promotions Officer CCSMBA

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