Saturday, 15 March 2008

Marazion Handicap Childrens Competition Draw

Post on behalf of Marazion Indoor Bowling Club

Don't forget clocks go forward 1 hour to British Summer Time overnight Saturday 29th/Sunday 30th.

The draw for the Marazion Handicap Childrens Competition on Sunday 30th March is as follows

Time. No. Skip. Club.

9.30 am
1. C. Cope Goldsithney
2. M. McKie St. Agnes
3. B. Hatch Marazion
4. L. Bonehill St. Ives
5. M. Foster Centenary
6. D. Hickey Helston
7. D. Hovells St. Ives
8. W.J.James Marazion
9. K. Rail Troon
10. M. Widger Porthleven
11. S. Edwards Marazion
12. C. Edwards Marazion

10.15 am
13. K. Williams Porthleven
14. B. Easton Holmans
15. G. Wallis Helston
16. F. Plummer St. Ives
17. D. Tutton Goldsithney
18. F. Birchall Marazion
19. J. Thomas Penzance
20. S. Vallely St. Ives
21. D. Studden Troon
22. G. Bryant Porthleven
23. B. Blackwell St. Agnes
24. D. Stokes Wadebridge

11.00 am
25. H. Thomas Marazion
26. C. Matthews St. Newlyn East
27. D. Swaby Wadebridge
28. M. Christ Centenary
29. N. Nicholls Newlyn
30. D. Mallet Goldsithney
31. N. Truscott Holmans
32. G. Welsh Marazion
33. P. Warren Troon
34. H. Stephens Helston
35. R. Smith Porthleven
36. B. Wakely Treviscoe

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