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CCSMBA Press Release - 13th January 2008

PRESS RELEASE 13th Janaury 2008

Inter County

Last weekend Cornwall travelled to Wincanton, Somerset to play the final group game of the 2007/08 inter county championship.
The Premier team started brightly, winning 2 of the 4 games to stay level with Somerset. However a disasterous second session saw Cornwall loose all 4 games to give Somerset a lead that they held onto comfortably in the afternoon sessions. The only player to win both games on the day was singles player Dave Studden. Final Score - Somerset 26 points 187 shots - Cornwall 10 points 158 shots.

The A team went into this match knowing that an away win would see them top the group. After the morning sessions each team had won 4 games to leave the scores at 8-8. The 3rd session saw Cornwall take an advantage with wins for both fours and for Graham Reeves in the singles, leaving Cornwall leading by 4 points going into the final session. Kath Goodman, Brian Wakeley & Francais Walther recorded their 2nd win of the day in the triples but Somerset's strength in the pairs and a win for the other Somerset triple meant that the match would be decided on the bonus points for shots after each team had won 8 games each. Unfortunately for Cornwall they had scored 23 shots less than their opponents meaning they would have to settle for a creditable 2nd place in the group. Final Score Somerset 20 points 188 shots - Cornwall 16 points 165 shots.
The Premier team will travel to a neutral venue on the weekend of 26th/27th January to face either Worcestershire, Gloucestershire or Herefordshire in a preliminary round game of the consolation competition.

The A team have qualified for the main competition as a result of their success in the group stage and have been guaranteed a quarter final place after avoiding the preliminary round in the draw. They are likely to face Oxfordshire on 3rd February, also at a nautral venue.

County 2 Wood Pairs

The final county competition qualifying round of the 2007/08 season, the County 2 Wood Pairs, took place on Sunday at The Dragon Leisure Cente, Bodmin. 34 pairs played off in 8 groups during the day with the group winners advancing the the quarter finals next month. The intensity of the competition was highlighted by the fact that not a single pair ended the day with a 100% record. The quarter finalists are: R Christophers & P Tripp (Helston), M Jenkins & N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity), M & J Keers (St Agnes), T Baldwin & P Spargo (Liskeard), S Hodge & B Temple-Smith (Liskeard), N & J Ward (Withiel), J Coup & D Studden (Troon) and S & J Ashton (Saltash).

Scores from Inter County Match (Somerset first)

Premier Team

N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 19-16, 8-17

D Studden (Troon) 10-16, 11-13
M Jenkins (Newlyn Trinity), P Williams (St Newlyn East), D Swaby (Wadebridge) & G Ford (St Newlyn East) 5-7, 6-4

P Hamley (Lostwithiel), R Flower (Tintagel), T Baldwin (Liskeard) & P Hamley (Lostwithiel) 8-5, 11-4
C Roberts (Ladock) & C Matthews (St Newlyn East) 20-6, 14-12

G Cawrse (Luxulyan) & P Hore (Holmans) 14-13, 11-16
R Christophers (Helston), B Sleep (Dobwalls) & C Ford (St Newlyn East) 13-9, 13-7

G Lane (Penlee), M Furneaux (Penlee) & N Truscott (Holmans) 15-6, 9-7

A Team
P Spargo (Liskeard) 12-11, 17-9

G Reeves (Saltash) 10-14, 11-16
E Daniell (Holmans), T Jago (Treviscoe), J Roper (Dobwalls) & N Ward (Withiel) 9-8, 10-12

C Cawrse (Luxulyan), M Horrell (Withiel), K Horrell (Withiel) & P Hicks (Luxulyan) 11-18, 6-10
J Coup (Troon) & L Stephens (Treviscoe) 18-7, 18-8

S Flower (Tintagel) & B Sharp (Dobwalls) 18-5, 12-8
S Hodge (Liskeard), M Barbery (Dobwalls) & D Newton 9-11, 13-7

K Goodman (Treviscoe), B Wakeley (Treviscoe) & F Walther (Mabe) 7-12 & 7-9

League Tables (please follow links below)

Central Area - Premier Division -
First Division -

North Area - Premier Division -
First Division -

East Area - Premier Division -
First Division -

Peter Hore

CCSMBA Press & Promotions Officer

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