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CCSMBA Press Release - 4th November 2007


Cornwall had mixed fortunes in the latest ESMBA Inter County Championship fixture in Exeter on Saturday.

Cornwall started strongly in the Premier team match taking a 5-3 advantage form the first session. A score of 2 on the last end of his game saw David Studden win his singles match. The rink of Carolyn Matthews, Chris Roberts, Roger Edwards & Peter Hamley also claimed a win with the other rink of Margaret Jenkins, Derek Swaby, Nicholas Truscott & Graham Ford drawing.

Devon reversed the score line in the second session inflicting heavy defeats on both triples with Cornwall points being claimed by the pairs with a win for Pam Hamley & Percy Tripp and a draw for Gillian Cawrse & Peter Hore. At the half way point the score read Devon 8 points 95 shots Cornwall 8 points 79 shots. The afternoon sessions saw Devon take control with Cornwall claiming just 2 wins out of 8. Nigel Nicholls winning in the singles and the triple of Roy Christophers, Brenda Sleep & Carol Ford, helped by a ‘hot shot’ maximum score of 6 on one end.

The final score being Devon 24 points 191 shots Cornwall 12 points 156 shots. The result leaves Cornwall firmly rooted to the bottom of the league table with fixtures against Dorset at Home and Somerset away remaining.

League Table
Devon 4 2 1 1 714 676 82
Somerset 3 3 0 0 571 482 68
Dorset 3 1 1 1 536 507 58
Cornwall 4 0 0 4 603 769 42

The A team match also saw Cornwall start well opening up a 5-3 lead in the first session. Peter Spargo taking a 7th straight win of the season in the singles, the rink of Elise Daniell, Tony Baldwin, Chris Cawrse & Norman Ward also winning with a draw for Camilla Cawrse, Meg Horrell, Ken Horrell & Phil Hicks giving Cornwall an early advantage. The second session saw Cornwall further stretch the lead claiming 3 out of 4 games with wins for the pairs of Joe Coup & Brian Wakeley, Joyce Ward & Bill Sharp and the triple of Sheila Hodge, Miriam Barbery & Derek Newton. At the half way point Cornwall led by 11 points 92 shots to 5 points 82 shots.

Cornwall stretched the lead in the third session with wins for Peter Spargo to further extend his unbeaten run and both rinks. A 5-3 advantage in the final session for Cornwall saw the travelling team claim a well earned victory, the final score being Devon 10 points 168 shots Cornwall 26 points 192 shots. Cornwall have a good chance to qualify for the finals of the A team championship later in the season.

League Table
Somerset 3 3 0 0 572 398 86
Cornwall 4 3 0 1 701 668 82
Devon 4 1 0 3 671 700 55
Dorset 3 0 0 3 410 588 29

With no County competitions this weekend the Western Division hold the first of their area championships with 90 competitors booked in to compete in the 4 wood mixed pairs being held at Marazion and Goldsithney. The divisional championships offer a different challenge to entrants being played on a straight knockout basis rather than the round robin format used in the county championships.

Area Leagues

West Area – Provided by the West Division League Secretary directly to relevant publications

Central Area – No information at present

East Area – Provided by the East Division League Secretary directly to relevant publications

North Area –

Division One

Division Two


Nicholas Truscott
Chairman CCSMBA

Inter County Scores (Devon First)

Premier Team
Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 16-9 & 9-12; Dave Studden (Troon) 14-15 & 15-11
Margaret Jenkin (Newlyn Trinity), Derek Swaby (Wadebridge), Nicholas Truscott (Holmans) & Graham Ford (St Newlyn East) 8-8 & 9-4; Carolyn Matthews (St Newlyn East), Chris Roberts (Ladock), Roger Edwards (Withiel) & Peter Hamley (Lostwithiel) 6-10 & 13-6
Pam Hamley (Lostwithiel) & Percy Tripp (Helston) 10-15 & 15-12; Gillian Cawrse (Luxulyan) & Peter Hore (Holmans) 12-12 & 15-13
Roy Christophers (Helston), Brenda Sleep (Dobwalls) & Carol Ford (St Newlyn East) 14-5 & 9-11; Geoff Lane, Malcolm Furneaux & Mike Jefferies (Penlee) 15-5 & 11-8

A Team
Peter Spargo (Liskeard) 8-19 & 9-17; Graham Reeves (Saltash) 19-8 & 21-9
Elise Daniell (Holmans), Tony Baldwin (Liskeard), Chris Cawrse (Luxulyan) & Norman Ward (Withiel)7-12 & 7-8; Camilla Cawrse (Luxulyan), Meg Horrell, Ken Horrell (Withiel) & Phil Hicks (Luxulyan) 8-8 & 4-18
Joe Coup (Troon) & Brian Wakeley (Treviscoe) 11-14 & 11-11; Joyce Ward (Withiel) & Bill Sharp (Dobwalls) 11-14, 14-16
Sheila Hodge (Liskeard), Miriam Barbery (Dobwalls) & Derek Newton (Duloe)7-9 & 5-17; Kath Goodman (Treviscoe), Jean Roper (Dobwalls) & Francis Walther (Mabe) 11-8 & 15-4

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