Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Club's delight at grants

Sourced from Falmouth Packet - 22nd August 2007

MABE Short Mat Bowls Club have just been advised they have been successful in grant awards from both Kerrier District Council Community Grant Scheme and the Awards for All Programme from the Lottery Grants for Local Groups.

Mabe Indoor Bowls Club, like many other clubs, have a large number of elderly members who like to both bowl for fun and competitively during the winter months.

The main item of equipment used indoors is a bowls mat 45 feet long and six feet wide; Mabe Community Hall accommodates two of these mats for competitive matches. The mats are very heavy and need to be rolled up and stored after every bowling session, somewhat difficult for the elderly members two to three times a week.

The committee, therefore, decided they would try to obtain some assistance for the membership, to allow all the present members and hopefully some new members to take part without too much stress or injury.

The club decided it needed to purchase a reliable low maintenance, user-friendly machine that was mains powered, an "Electrowind," to help its members at a cost of almost £4,000.

The club has been awarded just over £1,000 from Kerrier's community grant scheme, and £2,780 from the "Awards for All" scheme. This leaves a small shortfall to be made up by the club. The members have during recent months run various fund raising events to obtain the necessary balance, and have now ordered the new "Electrowind" to be delivered for the start of the new winter season.

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