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NEWS RELEASE - 27 March 2022

County Finals

Over the past weekend the Short Mat Bowls County Singles, Pairs, Triples and Fours Finals were played at Carnmoggas Indoor Bowling Club.

First up on Saturday was the County Singles.  In the Quarter Finals Martin Boraston (Duloe) won 12-3 against Steve Smith (St Newlyn East).  Percy Tripp (Newlyn Trinity) won 12-10 against Peter Hore (Holmans).  David Balow (Marazion) defeated Callum Beale (Duloe) 9-4.  Nigel Nicholls received a bye to the Semi Finals.  

In the Semi Finals Nicholls defeated Boraston 9-6 and Tripp won 11-7 against Balow.  Nicholls won the all Newlyn Trinity final 13-0 against Tripp.

Saturday afternoon saw the Fours played.  In the Quarter Finals Robin Smith, John Thomas, Mike Dyer (Penlee) & David Balow (Marazion) won 13-4 against Graham Reeves, Heidi Kerr, Dennis Shorthouse & Richard Kerr (Landrake).  Sandra Worton, Carol Dodd, John Dodd & John Worton (St Newlyn East) won 11-7 against Louise Williams, Fran Phillips, David Hickey & Nicola Ellis 11-7.  Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott, Peter Hore & David Studden (Holmans) defeated Simon Lees, Ray Jeffery, Morgan Lees & Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 8-4.  Blisland's Rita Hancock, Rosemary Young, Mike Webster & Henry Matthews received a bye to the Semi Finals.

In the Semi Finals Balow won 11-7 against Hancock and Studden defeated Worton 12-2.  Hore won the final against Balow 11-5.

On Sunday the first title to be decided was the Pairs.  In the Quarter Finals Sandra & John Worton (St Newlyn East) won 16-6 against Simon & Morgan Lees (Newlyn Trinity).  Treeve Pollard & David Studden (Holmans) won 15-2 against Mike Dyer & David Balow.  Elise Daniell & Peter Hore (Holmans) defeated Graham Reeves & Diane Shorthouse (Landrake) 13-7.  Kevin Williams (Porthleven) and Percy Tripp (Newlyn Trinity) received a bye to the Semi Finals.

The Semi finals saw Williams & Tripp win 9-8 against the Worton's and Pollard & Studden defeat Daniell & Hore 9-7.  Pollard & Studden won the final against Williams & Tripp 13-7.

The last title to be decided was the Triples on Sunday afternoon.  In the Quarter Finals Rita Hancock, Max Burden & Keith Matthews (Blisland) won 11-5 against Julie Edwards, Howard McCormack & Wendy Carne (Penlee).  Sandra Worton, John Worton & Steve Smith (St Newlyn East) won 8-5 against Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott & Peter Hore (Holmans).  John Thomas, Mike Dyer (Penlee) & David Balow (Marazion) won 8-5 against Shirley Heather, Treeve Pollard & David Studden (Holmans).  Martin Boraston, Caroline & Alan Trubshaw (Duloe) received a bye to the Semi Finals.

In the Semi's Trubshaw defeated Matthews 9-8 and Smith defeated Balow 13-5.  Trubsahw won the final 8-4.

On Saturday 2nd April the County Squad get together for the first time in over two years at Carnmoggas with new Team Manager Callum Beale running a squad day.

On Sunday the four area league winners will compete for the Bebbington Cup at Carnmoggas.  Holmans represent West, St Agnes Choughs Central, Duloe East and Blisland or Lanteglos B North.


Nicholas Truscott
Press and Promotions Officer

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