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News Release 20 October 2019

On Sunday Cornwall faced Somerset in the ESMBA Inter County Championship.  

The Premier Team started slowly with one win in the first session, Peter Hore winning 11-9 in the Singles.  In the second session the points were shared with wind for Sandra Worton, Percy Tripp & Kevin Williams 19-10 in the Triples and Nicholas Truscott, Gill Smith, Martin Boraston & Luke Jolly 18-9 in the Fours.

The third session saw Cornwall hit 20 shots on three mats as they took 10 of the 12 points on offer.  Nigel Nicholls won 21-5 in the Singles, Elise Daniell & Callum Beale 20-6 and John Worton & David Studden 24-6 in the Pairs securing the bonus points in both disciplines.  The final session saw Somerset again hit back leaving Cornwall to claim one win by Williams' Triples 17-12 also taking the bonus points.  The final match score Cornwall 20 points 212 shots Somerset 20 points 182 shots

Premier Team Scores
Singles - Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 14-17 & 21-5, Peter Hore (Holmans) 11-9 & 12-18
Pairs - Elise Daniell (Holmans) & Callum Beale (Withiel) 8-16 & 20-6, John Worton (St Newlyn East) & David Studden (Holmans) 8-15 & 24-6
Triples - Percy Tripp (Newlyn Trinity), Sandra Worton (St Newlyn East) & Kevin Williams (Newlyn Trinity) 19-10 & 17-12, Dennis Shorthouse (Landrake), Lynne Davey (Landrake) & Gary Davey (Landrake) 7-15 & 8-9
Fours - Nicholas Truscott (Holmans), Gill Smith (Newlyn Trinity), Martin Boraston (Duloe) & Luke Jolly (Withiel) 18-9 & 10-13, Graham Reeves (Saltash), Richard Kerr (Landrake), Chris Roberts (Ladock) & Neil Gribble (Landrake) 7-11 & 8-11.

The A Team also started slowly with just one win for Lynn Smith & Alan Holden in the Pairs 15-10.  In the second session Roger Hailey, Mike Webster & Brenda Sleep won 12-11 in the Triples and Meg Horrell, Carole Dodd, Tony Jago & Ken Horrell won 12-10 in the Fours.

The third session saw Cornwall claim 9 points.  Mark Payne winning 22-6 in the Singles which secured the bonus points.  The the Pairs Austen Runnalls stepped in to replace Lynn Smith and with Alan Holden recorded 28-2 win whilst Dianne Shorthouse & David Topliffe drew 11-11 securing the bonus points.  Only one win came Cornwall's way in the final session with Heidi Kerr, Bob Smith & Graham Ford winning 12-7 in the Triples.  The final match score Cornwall 17 points 188 shots Somerset 23 points 190 shots.

A Team Scores
Singles - Alan Trubshaw (Duloe) 10-11 & 11-14, Mark Payne (Penzance) 13-20 & 22-6 
Pairs - Lynn Smith (Porthleven)/Austen Runnalls (Luxulyan) & Alan Holden (Saltash Kernow) 15-10 & 28-2, Dianne Shorthouse (Landrake) & David Topliffe (Boscastle) 4-19 & 11-11
Triples - Roger Hailey (St Newlyn East), Mike Webster (Blisland) & Brenda Sleep (Dobwalls) 12-11 & 14-15, Heidi Kerr (Landrake), Bob Smith (Porthleven) & Graham Ford (Ladock) 6-16 & 12-7
Fours - Meg Horrell (Withiel), Carole Dodd (St Newlyn East), Tony Jago (Ladock) & Ken Horrell (Withiel) 12-10 & 7-12, Leonard Lee (Duloe), Jon Read (Duloe), Caroline Trubshaw (Duloe) & John Dodd (St Newlyn East) 6-14 & 5-12.

In the other South West group games Devon defeated Dorset Premier 25-15 with Dorset winning the A fixtures 14-26 at ISCA Indoor Bowling Club in Exeter.  Cornwall are next in action on Sunday 3rd November when they complete home fixtures with group leaders Dorset the visitors to Carnmoggas.

On Saturday 90 players took part in the County Triples at Carnmoggas with teams split into seven groups, the group winners and one best runner up going through to the county finals.

Group One was topped by Michael Liddicoat, Glynn Roy & Callum Beale with 6 points +22 shots.  Group Two winners were Betty Temple Smith, Max Burden & Keith Matthews (Blisland) with 6 +21.  In Group Three Nathan Waters, Ken Horrell (Withiel) & Luke Jolly (Holmans) qualified with 4 +10 after losing their last game.  Group Four produced the tightest finish of the day with Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott & Peter Hore (Holmans) drawing the final game against Martin Boraston, Caroline & Alan Trubshaw (Duloe) 8-8 to go through with 5 +20 and the Duloe trio taking the highest runners-up spot with 5 +19.

In Group Five Lynn Smith, Bob Smith (Porthleven) & Frank Plummer (St Ives) won a last game decider to finish on 6 +21.  Group Six saw Richard Kerr, Dennis Shorthouse & Neil Gribble (Landrake) win the group decider to finish on 6 +22.  In Group Seven a 7-6 win in the final game for Louise Williams, Nicola Ellis & Fran Phillips (Helston) saw the go through, finishing on 6 +6.

The eight qualifiers return to Carnmoggas for the finals on Sunday 19th January.

Over this coming weekend three local bowlers are travelling to Norway to compete in the Short Mat Players Tour Norwegian Open competition.

Nigel Nicholls is drawn in Group Three where he will face Debbie Pye (ENG), Johan Anderson (SWE), PJ Gallagher (IRE), Tommy Dahlgren (SWE) and Ali Akbar (UAE).  Nigel's match against Gallagher is scheduled for broadcast on the SMPT Facebook page at around 1530 UK time on Saturday.

Peter Hore is drawn in Group Twelve against John Pye (ENG) Sebastian Jonson (SWE), Stephen Gale (IOM), James Trott (ENG) and Mio Kontic (ENG).

Elise Daniell is drawn in Group 13 and faces Jom Broberg (SWE), Anne Kasa (NOR), Elin Johansson (NOR), Pete Skoglund (SWE) and Anne Lene Kristoffersen (NOR)

The Short Mat Players Tour organisers will be providing full coverage of the event throughout the two days with regular results updates and live match coverage on social media channels.

The county league are now underway and the CCSMBA are offering a full fixtures and results service for the media.

Fixtures can be accessed here

Results can be accessed here

League Tables can be accessed here


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