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CCSMBA NEWS RELEASE - 11 December 2016

Inter County v Dorset, County Singles & National Qualifiers
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NEWS RELEASE 11 December 2016

Cornwall recently hosted Dorset at Carnmoggas IBC for the final group matches of the ESMBA Inter County Championship.

The Premier team started strongly winning three of the four games in the first session.  In Singles Nigel Nicholls won 13-12 with Peter Hore losing 15-19.  In the Pairs both John Worton & Karen Watson and David Balow & David Studden won 14-11 and 15-8 respectively.  Cornwall maintained the lead in the second session taking four of the eight points on offer.  In Triples Richard Brown, Martin Boraston & Gillian Cawrse won 12-9 and Mike Dyer, Bob Banks & Kevin Williams losing 7-14.  In Fours Dennis Shorthouse, Richard Kerr, Nicholas Truscott & Neil Gribble won 10-8 and Elise Daniell, Percy Tripp, Tom Westlake and Luke Jolly lost 8-17.  At the halfway point in the match Cornwall led 10 points to 6 and 94 shots to 98.

The third session saw the game points shared and Cornwall taking the bonus points in both Singles and Pairs.  In the Singles Nicholls won 18-11 with Hore losing 11-14.  In the Pairs Balow and Studden won 18-9 and Worton & Watson lost 8-19. The match score moving onto Cornwall 18 points 149 shots Dorset 10 points 151 shots.  The final session saw Cornwall take all the points on offer taking four wins and the bonus points in both disciplines.  In Triples Cawrse and Williams won 12-11 and 21-5 respectively and in the Fours Gribble won 15-9 and Jolly 14-8.  The final match score Cornwall 30 points 211 shots Dorset 10 points 184 shots.  

In the days other match Devon defeated Somerset 25 points to 15.  Cornwall and Devon qualify for the knockout stages of the Inter County Championships with just the matter of group position to be decided in Devon's outstanding match against Somerset where at least 11 points will see them top the group.  

             Pl  W  D  L  Pts
Cornwall      6  3  0  3  130

Devon         5  4  0  1  120
Dorset        6  3  0  3  111
Somerset      5  1  0  4   79

Cornwall's A Team started well in the first session of their match taking six of the eight points on offer.  In Singles Ronald Thomas won 12-7 and Chris Roberts lost 10-11.  In Pairs Raymond Jeffery & Keith Williams and Betty Temple-Smith & Max Burden won 12-8 & 18-7 respectively.  Dorset clawed back to level the match in the second session with only Graham Ford, John Dodd & Tony Baldwin picking up a win in the Triples 13-9.  Lynne Davey, Alan Holden & Gary Davey lost 8-10 and in the Fours Henry Kendall, Sandra Worton, Mike Webster & Keith Matthews and Meg Horrell, Brenda Sleep, Tony Jago & Ken Horrell lost 6-10 and 7-9 respectively.  At the halfway point the match was drawn 8 points apiece.

The third session saw Cornwall re-establish a lead in the match.  In Singles Roberts and Thomas won 13-9 and 12-11 respectively.  In Pairs Jeffery & Williams drew 12-12 and Temple-Smith & Burden lost 10-15.  The bonus points were secured by Cornwall in both disciplines giving Cornwall a 17 points to 11 lead in the match with a session to play.   Cornwall took a clean sweep for wins in the final session.  In the Triples Davey and Baldwin won 24-10 and 11-8 respectively and in the Fours Horrell and Matthews won 14-8 and 9-5 respectively.  Cornwall took the bonus points in both disciplines to win the match by 29 points and 191 shots to Dorset's 11 points and 149 shots.

In the days other game Somerset defeated Devon 26 points to 14 leaving Cornwall 27 points ahead of Somerset who have a match to play.  Cornwall a certain of a place in the end of season knockout competition.

             Pl  W  D  L  Pts
Cornwall      6  4  0  2  141
Somerset      5  4  1  0  114

Dorset        6  0  2  4   93
Devon         5  1  1  4   92

The outstanding Devon v Somerset fixture is due to be played in early January.

The remaining National Championship Qualifiers were played recently at Carnmoggas.  In the Singles Nigel Nicholls defeated Karen Watson 10-4 in the final.  Gillian Cawrse claimed third with a 10-9 win against Elise Daniell.

In the Fours Elise Daniell, David Studden, Peter Hore & Karen Watson took top spot ahead of Richard Brown, Sandra Worton, John Worton & Chris Roberts in second.  Third place went to Tom Westlake, Gill Cawrse, Nigel Nicholls & Luke Jolly and fourth were Keith Williams, Dennis Shorthouse, Mike Dyer, Kevin Williams.

In the Mixed Fours Elise Daniell, David Studden, Peter Hore & Karen Watson defeated Lynne Davey, Martin Boraston, Gillian Cawrse & Gary Davey 10-1.

Over the past weekend the County Singles qualification competition was contested at Carnmoggas IBC.  On Saturday the six group winners were Chris Roberts 6 points +25 shots, Peter Hore 6 +24, Nicholas Truscott 4 +7, Tony Liddicoat 6 +24, Gary Davey 4 +14 & Tom Westlake 6 +31.  The best runners up making up the eight qualifiers for the knockout round were Neil Gribble 4 +6 and Tony Baldwin 4 +12.  In the knockout round Peter Hore defeated Tony Liddicoat 10-8, Neil Gribble won 9-8 against Nicholas Truscott.  Chris Roberts won 8-7 against Gary Davey and Tom Westlake defeated Tony Baldwin 15-8.

On Sunday the six group winners were Luke Jolly 6 +16, Karen Watson 5 +6, Richard Kerr 6 +36, Martin Borason 6 +21, David Balow 6 +19 and Max Burden 6 +15.  The best runners up qualifying for knockout round were Nigel Nicholls on 4 +17 and Kevin Williams 4 +15.  In the knockout round Karen Watson defeated Max Burden 16-1, Nigel Nicholls won 11-9 against Luke Jolly.  Martin Boraston won 15-4 against Kevin Williams and Richard Kerr defeated David Balow 9-8.

Latest league tables can be accessed via
The final competition before the Christmas break will be played on Saturday at Carnmoggas with 38 bowlers split into two sessions of play during the course of the day.

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