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NEWS RELEASE 8 April 2014


Over the weekend the National Championships were contested at Church Gresley Indoor Bowling Club in Derbyshire with mixed fortunes for Cornwall's representatives.

On Thursday the Singles was contested with Peter Hore (Holmans) and Alan Holden (Landrake) representing Cornwall.  In the group stages Peter started with a 17-6 win against Hertfordshire's Margaret Regan.  His second game resulted in a 9-12 loss to Gloucestershire's Jake Atrill before defeating Devon's Michael Avery 9-6 to finish on 4 points +11 shots in second place in the group.

In the second round Peter faced defending champion Jason McLean of Hampshire winning 11-6.  The third round saw Northamptonshire's Leigh Hall providing the opposition as Peter progressed with a 9-8 win.  Peter's run ended in the Quarter Finals with a 4-11 defeat against Sean Conroy of North Yorkshire.

Alan lost his first game 8-12 to Richard Nicholl of Surrey.  In his second game he defeated Martin Simcock of Shropshire 14-7 before going down to a 5-11 defeat in the third game against Pauline Taylor of Hertfordshire.

On Friday attention turned to the Pairs with Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) teaming up with Peter and John Worton & Chris Roberts (Ladock) representing Cornwall.  Peter & Nigel made a poor start with 3-14 defeat against Oxfordshire's Gareth Davies & Roger Wiggins.  A second defeat followed against Somerset's Chris & Celia Jeans 7-11.  The final game saw the pair take an 11-4 win against Buckinghamshire's Irene Roberts & Jack Rutley but this was not enough to qualify for the knockout stages.

John & Chris started with a 10-4 win against Buckinghamshire's Val & Brian Latham.  The second game saw the pair lose to Shropshire's Warwick France & Dave Wall 3-10.  The final group game ended in a comprehensive win against Wiltshire's Geoff Lane & Pete Sullivan 15-1 to confirm second place in the group and progression to the knockout stages.

In the second round John & Chris faced Gloucestershire's Jack and Ryan Knight losing 10-12.

Saturday saw the Fours contested with Nigel & Peter joined by Elise Daniell (Holmans) & Nicholas Truscott (Luxulyan) to make up one team and Alan Holden joined by Landrake team mates Dennis Shorthouse, Gary Davey & Neil Gribble to form the second team.

Peter's four started with a well earned victory over Devon's Elliot James, Bronagh Malone, James Smith & Lee Tolman 10-7.  The second game was also won 10-4 against Surrey's Mary Sheather, Phyl Lister, Dennis McGuiness & Peter Sheather.  Controversy surrounded the end of the final group game against Suffolk's Cheryl Graham, June Dickens, Joanne Clements & Derek Adams with Cornwall leading 6-5 and with three bowls, two Suffolk and one Cornwall jammed around the jack Peter opted not to bowl his last bowl and take the tied end.  An umpire was called to confirm the result and he determined two shots to Suffolk, the Cornwall bowl having moved away from the jack, resulting in defeat 6-7.  With Devon's Lee Tolman winning 29-0 in his last game Cornwall were pushed into second place in the group.  In the second round Peter's team faced Cheshire's Ben Holbrook, Keith Lackford, John Manley and Steve Proctor losing 11-5.

Neil's team started off with a well earned victory over the Hampshire team of Phil Mills, Jody Bright, Tom Clough & Ben Pay 9-8.  The second group game saw them defeat Hertfordshire's Cherry Nolan, Ted Nolan, Brian McGiven & Clive Mark 10-3.  The final game saw them up against Cheshire's Ste Tinsley, Keith Smith, Geoff Lee & Grant Soller losing 11-3 which left them with insufficient shot difference to progress to the knock out stages.

On Sunday the Triples concluded the Championships with Nicholas, Nigel and Peter forming one team and John & Chris joined by Richard Brown (Ladock) to make up the other team.

Chris lost his first game 5-11 against Essex's Peter Fautley, Steve Killington & Anthony Fautley and was subsequently beaten 8-9 by North Yorkshire's Gordon Raggett, Dave Herbert & Danny Langdon.  The final group game resulted in victory against Somerset's Dan Windmill, Andrew Pinkawa & Jim Mannell 8-2 which was enough to see them qualify for the second round where they met Essex's Sadie Young, Mitchell Young and Adam Sultana losing 9-7.

Peter's day got off to the worse possible start with an 8-14 defeat to Buckinghamshire's Howard Cave, Keith Patrick & Paul Knight.  A 9-5 win followed in the second group game against Cheshire's Alan Whitelegg, Steve Burrows & Dennis Leather.  With each of the four teams having won a game after the first four only a win would do against North Yorkshire's Roger Green, Dave Newsome & Rose Haynes and the team delivered with a 10-5 victory which was enough to top the group on shot difference.

In the second round they faced Norfolk's Ray Lamb, Robbie Lamb & Keith Cooke winning 11-4.  The third round opponents were three of the four who denied the Cornwall team in the Fours final last year, Oxfordshire's Geoff Cross, Gareth Davies & AJ Brown.  A tight match went the way of the Cornwall trio with a 7-3 win.  Into the Quarter Finals Essex's Peter Fautley, Steve Killington & Anthony Fautley provided the opposition as the Cornwall trio marched on with a 9-8, a four on the final end to the Essex trio tightening up the final score.

The Semi Final opposition came from Hampshire's Mike Wright, Mark Hollis & Shane Davison with the Cornwall trio moving into the final with an 8-6 victory.  The opponents in the final were Devon's Bronagh Malone, James Smith & Lee Toleman.  In a tight match the final result was decided by a couple of key shots which which saw the Devon team take the win 7-4, leaving Nicholas, Nigel and Peter as runners up for a second year.  



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