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CCSMBA News Release - 8 October 2012


NEWS RELEASE 8 October 2012




Cornwall reached the half way point of the group stages of ESMBA Inter County Championship with a fixture away to Dorset played at the Dorset Bowls Resort near Bere Regis in Sunday (7th October).


The Premier Team, needing to bounce back from a disappointing performance away to Somerset started well taking a 5-3 session advantage in the morning Singles and Pairs.  Nigel Nicholls winning 21-7 in the Singles, Graham Reeves & Nicholas Truscott were 14-6 winners in the Pairs and Richard Brown & David Studden carded a 14-14 draw with the last wood of the game.  The second session saw Cornwall win both Fours but narrowly defeated in the Triples.  Elise Daniell, Dennis Shorthouse, Linda Martin & Gerald Fisher recording a 13-7 score line and Kath Goodman, Melba Kitt, Gillian Cawrse & Percy Tripp winning 10-4.  At the halfway point Cornwall led by 9 points to 7 and 96 shots to 74.


The afternoon Singles and Pairs saw the points shared 4 apiece with Nigel Nicholls winning 15-14 in the Singles and Richard Brown & David Studden recording a score of 15-6.  With Cornwall collecting both the Singles and Pairs bonus points Cornwall went into the final session leading 17 points to 11 and 152 shots to 126.  The final session was to prove a little disappointing for Cornwall winning just one game, Bill Sharp, Neil Gribble & Chris Roberts in the Triples with a score of 14-2, the margin ensuring Cornwall claimed the bonus points.  The other Triple of Graham Ford, Ken Horrell & Brian Wakeley missed out by a single shot on the last end of their games going down 10-11.  Both Fours looked in control of their games right up until the final few ends.  Gerald Fisher’s rink dropped four on the last end to go down to a 7-9 score line whilst a five to Dorset on the penultimate end against Percy Tripp saw them take an 8-7 win.  Cornwall’s solid scoring in the morning however guaranteed the bonus points to leave the final match score at Dorset 17 points 156 shots Cornwall 23 points 190 shots.  On the day Dorset won more game points but solid Cornwall scoring combined with a determination to keep any lost games tight ensured Cornwall took full advantage of the bonus pints offered for each discipline.


Premier Team Game Scores

SINGLES: Peter Hore (Holmans) 18-9 & 14-13; Nigel Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 7-21 & 14-15

PAIRS: Richard Brown & David Studden (Illogan) 14-14 & 6-15; Graham Reeves (Saltash) & Nicholas Truscott (Luxulyan) 6-14 & 18-13

TRIPLES: Graham Ford (St Newlyn East), Ken Horrell (Withiel) & Brian Wakeley (Ladock) 9-8 & 11-10, Bill Sharp (Dobwalls), Neil Gribble (Landrake) & Chris Roberts (Ladock) 9-7 & 2-14

FOURS:  Elise Daniell (Holmans) Dennis Shorthouse (Landrake), Linda Martin & Gerald Fisher (Illogan) 7-13 & 9-7; Kath Goodman (Treviscoe), Melba Kitt (Saltash), Gillian Cawrse (Lostwithiel) & Percy Tripp (Helston) 4-10 & 8-7


Table                     P             W            D             L              Pts

Devon                   2              2              0              0              70

Cornwall              3              2              0              1              59

Dorset                  3              0              0              3              42

Somerset            2              1              0              1              29


The A Team went into the match as group leaders and were looking for a strong performance to consolidate that position.  The first session of Singles and Pairs saw the points shared with both counties taking a win apiece in each discipline.  Luke Jolly continued his unbeaten run in the singles with a solid 16-7 win and Sheila & Bob Flower were 15-12 winners in the Pairs.  The morning Triples and Fours saw a solitary win for Cornwall recorded by Sheila Hodge, Joe Dixon, Jim Rule and Terry Bray who survived a late rally from their opponents to win 7-6.  At the halfway stage Dorset led 10 points to 6 and 92 shots to 79.


The afternoon Singles and Pairs proved profitable for Cornwall recording three wins and both sets of bonus points.  In the Singles Martin Boraston recorded a 25-4 win whilst in the Pairs Keith Williams & Betty Temple Smith won 19-11 and Sheila & Bob Flower won 16-10.  This moved Cornwall into a 16 pints to 12 lead going into a last session that would prove to be one that Dorset would dominate comfortably wining both Triples and one of the Fours games and in the process taking both sets of bonus points.  For Cornwall the solitary points scorers were the Four of Meg Horrell, Barbara James, Brenda Sleep and Derek Newton winning 11-3.  The final match score read Dorset 22 points 174 shots Cornwall 18 points 172 shots.  This was probably a match that Cornwall should have won.  The team management will have some head scratching to do ahead of the next match with a number of players returning to the squad after being unavailable for this match.


A Team Game Scores

SINGLES: Luke Jolly (Treviscoe) 7-16 & 16-8; Martin Boraston (Dobwalls) 16-11 & 4-25

PAIRS: Keith Williams (Penlee) & Betty Temple Smith (Luxulyan) 19-12 & 11-19; Sheila Flower (Tintagel) & Robert Flower (Tintagel) 12-15 & 10-16

TRIPLES: Marion Keers (St Newlyn East), Tony Jago (Treviscoe) & John Keers (St Newlyn East) 10-8 & 13-4; Lynn Davey (Liskeard), Mark Albon (Luxulyan) & Gary Davey (Liskeard) 13-7 & 15-4

FOURS: Sheila Hodge (Liskeard), Joe Dixon (Withiel), Jim Rule (Lostwithiel) & Terry Bray (Lostwithiel) 6-7 & 10-6; Meg Horrell (Withiel), Barbara James (Dobwalls), Brenda Sleep (Dobwalls) & Derek Newton (Dobwalls) 9-3 & 3-11


Table                     P             W            D             L              Pts

Cornwall              3              1              0              2              65

Dorset                  3              1              0              2              59

Somerset            2              1              1              0              42

Devon                   2              0              1              1              34


Cornwall’s next fixture is against Devon on Sunday 21 October at the ISCA Bowls Centre in Exeter.  The Premier Team will face a tough match against a team with a number of players with international experience and has already recorded convincing wins against Somerset at home 38-2 and Dorset 32-8 away.  Devon’s A Team have shown the same form as there senior counterparts and Cornwall can look to consolidate their bid for top spot in the group with a solid result.




This Sunday (14th October) sees the first of three match days for the Inter Area League which see’s teams of 20 representing each of the league areas in the county compete for the Newton Shield.  North will be up against Central and West take on the East at Carnmoggas Indoor Bowls Club.



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