Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bowls Development Alliance Statement

British Crown Green Bowls Association and the English Short Mat Bowling Association recently announced their intention to leave the Bowls Development Alliance.
This has come at a time when commitment was needed to sign up to the BDA for a further 4 years.  Despite this setback Bowls England and the English Indoor Bowling Association are fully committed to working together for the long term development of the sport of bowls. The BDA are currently waiting to hear if their bid for continued funding (2013-2017) to bring more people into the game has been successful. It is only by working together in partnership that funding can be secured from Sport England in order to grow and sustain the sport.
There will be no changes to the present way in which the BDA work across all codes of bowls. It is hoped in the future to encourage new partners to step forward, to work together and really make a step change in the development of the game.
Statement Issued: 14th August 2012

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