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CCSMBA News Release - 20th October 2008

NEWS RELEASE 20th October 2008


Cornwall’s Short Mat Bowls travelled to Lytchett Minster on Sunday to face Dorset in the second of the ESMBA Inter County Championship fixtures for the season.

Dorset claimed the early advantage in the Premier Team taking three wins out of four games. Cornwall’s points recorded by Gillian Cawrse and Percy Tripp in the pairs with an 18-8 win, overall Dorset led 6-2 on points and 54-49 on shots.

The points were split in the second session with the Cornwall triple of Graham Luke, Lin Stephens & Brian Wakeley claiming at 13-6 win and the four of Elise Daniell, Peter Sully, Nicholas Truscott & Peter Hore winning 13-4. Similar scores in the other two games saw the session tied 4 points and 26 shots apiece. At the halfway point Dorset retained the lead at 10-6 and 90-85.

Session three again saw the points split evenly with David Studden claiming a 21-9 win in the singles and Gillian Cawrse & Percy Tripp winning 16-10 in the pairs. Studden’s large win also allowed Cornwall to collect the two additional points for the most shots in the discipline. With a session to play the score was now at Dorset 16 points 136 shots Cornwall 12 points 136 shots.

The final session was closely contested with the points again shared and the shots equal. Cornwall’s wins recorded by triple of Joe Coups, Frances Walther & Chris Roberts 12-5 and the four of Roy Christophers, Sheila Flower, Brenda Sleep & Graham Ford who claimed a 12-11 win on the last wood of the game. Overall the final score read Dorset 22 points 181 shots Cornwall 18 points 181 shots.

Cornwall were dominant in the A Team match right from the first session establishing a 6-2 points and 61-39 shots lead thanks to wins for Peter Spargo 12-7 and Graham Reeves 2606 in the singles and Kath Goodman and Joyce Ward 15-10 in the pairs.

Cornwall further extended the lead in the second session with wins for Tony Jago, Margaret Turner & Pam Williams 13-9 in the triples and the fours of Camilla Cawrse, Meg Horrell, Ken Horrell & Phil Hicks 6-12 and Jean Roper, Tom Rigler, Jim Rule & Norman Ward 5-6. At the halfway point Cornwall held 12-4 points and 97-71 shots lead.

Wins for both singles in the thirds session, Peter Spargo 16-8 and Graham Reeves 17-12 saw Cornwall claim a share of the points for the session and consolidate the strong position built up in the morning sessions, Dorset 10 points 120 shots Cornwall 18 points 153 shots.

The final session again saw the points shared with Cornwall claiming wins in both fours, Camilla Cawrse, Meg Horrell, Ken Horrell & Phil Hicks 17-9 and Jean Roper, Tom Rigler, Jim Rule & Norman Ward 8-6. The final score read Dorset 16 points 154 shots Cornwall 24 points 191 shots.

The next match for Cornwall will be against Somerset at Bodmin’s Dragon Leisure Centre on Sunday 2nd November.


Premier Team Dorset 22 Points 181 Shots Cornwall 18 points 181 shots Singles - N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity) 14-13 & 12-10, D Studden (Troon) 15-10 & 9-21
Pairs - G Cawrse (Luxulyan) & P Tripp (Helston) 8-18 & 10-16, G Lane (Penlee) & B Sharp (Dobwalls) 17-8 & 15-4
Triples - G Luke (Luxulyan), L Stephens (Treviscoe) & B Wakeley (Luxulyan) 6-13 & 16-11, J Coup (Troon), F Walther (Mabe) & C Roberts (Ladock) 16-4 & 5-12
Fours – E Daniell (Holmans), P Sully (Holmans), N Truscott (Holmans) & P Hore (Holmans) 4-13 & 13-10, R Christophers (Helston), C Cawrse (Luxulyan)/S Flower (Tintagel) B Sleep (Dobwalls) & G Ford (St Newlyn East) 10-6, 11-12

A Team Dorset 16 Points 154 Shots Cornwall 24 points 191 shots Singles - P Spargo (Liskeard) 7-12 & 8-16, G Reeves (Saltash) 6-26 & 12-17
Pairs – K Goodman (Treviscoe) & J Ward (Withiel) 10-15 & 15-13, C Matthews (St Newlyn East) & R Flower (Tintagel) 16-8 & 14-11
Triples - S Hodge (Liskeard), M Barbery (Dobwalls) & D Newton (Liskeard) 12-5 & 9-6, T Jago (Treviscoe), M Turner (Liskeard) & P Williams (St Newlyn East) 9-13 & 10-6
Fours - C Cawrse (Luxulyan), M Horrell (Withiel), K Horrell (Withiel) & P Hicks (Luxulyan) 6-12 & 9-17, J Roper (Dobwalls), T Rigler (Duloe), J Rule (Lostwithiel) & N Ward (Withiel) 5-6 & 6-8


On Saturday (17th October) the Dragon Leisure Centre hosted a highly competitive qualification competition for the County Mixed Pairs Championship. The entry of 18 teams were split into 4 groups, 3 of 4 and one of 6 with the winners progressing to the finals later in the season and runners up taking 2 county points.

Group One was decided on the last game of the day between two Liskeard teams with the rink of Sheila Hodge, Dorothy Woodyatt, Tony Baldwin & Peter Spargo coming out on top 12-8 to claim a place in the semi finals with John Turner, Betty Temple-Smith, Margaret Turner and Derek Newton finishing in second place and earning two county points.

Group Two went the way of the Holman’s team of Linda Higgins, Elise Daniell, Nicholas Truscott & Peter Hore (4 points +14 shots) on shot difference from the Ladock team of Rosemary Curnow, Patsy Wakeley, Arthur Piper & Chris Roberts (4 points +9 shots).

Group Three saw the Saltash team of Margaret Pollard, Margaret Goodwin, Graham Reeves and Darren Woolner claim a clean sweep of wins (6 points +19 shots) for a second successive week to progress to the semi finals. The county points for second in group went to Kath Goodman (Treviscoe), Jim Watson (St Stephen) and Eric & Joan Boddy (Withiel) (4 points +11 shots).

The final group was also decided on the last game with Camilla & Chris Cawrse (Luxulyan) and Pam & Peter Hamley (Lostwithiel) claiming a narrow 7-5 win to win the group (5 points +12 shots) with the St Newlyn East team of Sheila Collins, Ted Buscombe, Pam Williams & Graham Ford (4 points +13 points)


This Sunday (25th October) the first of the Inter Area League fixtures will take place at the Dragon Leisure Centre, Bodmin with the East v West and Central v North.

The fixtures brings together teams of 20 bowlers playing to a format to the Inter County Championship.


Nicholas Truscott
Press and Promotions Officer

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