Sunday, 2 September 2007

Competition Draws

The draws for the 2007-8 season County Competitions took place at Luxulyan Village Hall on Sunday 2nd September.

Full details will be posted onto the website when available from the competition secretary. No inference of groupings on the day of play should be taken from this list. The list may contain errors as it is taken from notes made whilst the draws were taking place.

County Singles (56 entries)

S Ashton (Saltash), P Williams (St Newlyn East), U Prideaux (Troon), B James (Dobwalls), G Lane (Penlee), F Phillips (Helston), N Ward (Withiel), R Edwards (Withiel), P Spargo (Liskeard), P Tripp (Helston), D Hickey (Helston), J Ramsey (Mabe), D Griffin (Lostwithiel), F Walther (Mabe), J Ward (Withiel), K Williams (Penlee), J Ashton (Saltash), S Flower (Tintagel), M Woolner (Saltash), G Reeves (Saltash), J Roper (Dobwalls), B Lake (Coads Green), B Sleep (Dobwalls), R Christophers (Helston), P Spencer (Wadebridge), M Keers (St Agnes), T Rigler (Duloe), D Elliott (Holmans)
P Thomas (Dobwalls), J Keers (St Agnes), G Ford (St Newlyn East), M Barbery (Dobwalls), G Fisher (Troon), C Ford (St Newlyn East), E Daniell (Holmans), G Kitt (Saltash), B Sharp (Dobwalls), R Flower (Tintagel), P Warren (Troon), P Hore (Holmans), J watson (St Stephen), T Baldwin (Liskeard), K Moir (Holmans), J Bottrill (Treviscoe), N Truscott (Holmans), N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity), A Trubshaw (Duloe), D Baxter (Holmans), C Matthews (St Newlyn East), L Higgins (Perranporth), D Newton (Duloe), P Bray (Treviscoe), B Wakeley (Treviscoe), M Kitt (Saltash), D Studden (Troon), M Furneaux (Penlee)

County Two Wood Singles (48 entries)
R Edwards (withiel), P Sully (Holmans), K Goodman (Treviscoe), G Kitt (Saltash), P Williams (St Newlyn East), S Ashton (Saltash), E Daniell (Perranporth), G Ford (St Newlyn East), J Roper (Dobwalls), U Prideaux (Troon), N Truscott (Holmans), B Wakeley (Treviscoe), D Griffin (Lostwithiel), D Elliott (Holmans), N Ward (Withiel), G Lane (Penlee), B Sharp (Dobwalls), G Reeves (Saltash), S Flower (Tintagel), P Spargo (Liskeard), B Sleep (Dobwalls), J Ward (Withiel), J Ashton (Saltash), M Barbery (Dobwalls), J Keers (St Agnes), P Warren (Troon), T Baldwin (Liskeard), K Moir (Holmans), D Baxter (Holmans), T Rigler (Duloe), J Bottrill (Treviscoe), J Ramsey (Mabe, D Studden (Troon), M Woolner (Saltash), C Matthews (St Newlyn East), P Thomas (Dobwalls), M Keers (St Agnes), P Hore (Holmans), R Flower (Tintagel), F Walther (Mabe), P Spencer (Wadebridge), G Fisher (Troon), B James (Dobwalls), C Ford (St Newlyn East), M Kitt (Saltash), R Christophers (Helston), L Higgins (Perranporth), B Lake (Coads Green)

County Pairs (41 entries - Now One Day Only Sunday 13th January)
P Tripp (Helston), G Kitt (Saltash), R Stack (Treviscoe), P Sully (Holmans), D Elliot (Holmans), P Hore (Holmans), M Woolner (Saltash), A Hambley (Lostwithiel), B Wakeley (Treviscoe), N Nicholls (Newlyn Trinity), J Sloane (Liskeard), J Keers (St Agnes), D Swaby (Wadebridge), N Truscott (Perranporth), L Martin (Troon), P Spargo (Liskeard), B Sleep (Dobwalls), P Thomas (Dobwalls), P Hamley (Lostwithiel), J Bottrill (Treviscoe), G Ford (St Newlyn East), C Roberts (Ladock), M Turner (Liskeard), F Walther (Mabe), R Edwards (Withiel), N Ward (Withiel), D Griffin (Lostwithiel), B Sharp (Dobwalls), M Barbery (Dobwalls), J Menhenick (Wadebridge), G Luke (Treviscoe), P Spencer (Wadebridge), I Sampson (Saltash), D Studden (Troon), D Hodge (Tintagel), C Matthews (St Newlyn East), P Williams (St Newlyn East), B Webb (Lanjeth), J Ashton (Saltash), R Hannan (Lanjeth), R Flower (Tintagel)

County Four Wood Pairs (56 entries)

M Woolner (Saltash), B Swabey (Wadebridge), D Studden (Troon), B Sharp (Dobwalls), R Edwards (Withiel), D Hodge (Tintagel), M Jefferies (Penlee), J Sloane (Liskeard), I Sampson (Saltash), A Dymond (Coads Green), P Sulley (Holmans), D Griffin (Lostwithiel), M Furneaux (Penlee), G Kitt (Saltash), B Sleep (Dobwalls), N Ward (Withiel), C Cawrse (Luxulyan), D Elliott (Holmans), R Hannan (Lanjeth), A Hambley (Lostwithiel), T Hyatt (Treviscoe), P Hamley (Lostwithiel), J Menhenick (Wadebridge), P Spargo (Liskeard), M Turner (Liskeard), P Hicks (Luxulyan), J Bottrill (Treviscoe), P Warren (Troon)
D Newton (Duloe), J Ashton (Saltash), B Wakeley (Treviscoe), N Truscott (Perranporth), B Webb (Lanjeth), A Trubshaw (Duloe), K Rail (Troon), G Luke (Treviscoe), G Risdon (Lanteglos), J Keers (St Agnes), J Watson (St Stephen), J Tillinghurst (Boscastle), P Williams (St Newlyn East), P Spencer (Wadebridge), G Ford (St Newlyn East), G Fisher (Troon), C Matthews (St Newlyn East), R Flower (Tintagel), P Thomas (Dobwalls), D Swaby (Wadebridge), U Prideaux (Troon), F Walther (Mabe), R Stack (Treviscoe), C Roberts (Ladock), P Hore (Holmans), M Barbery (Dobwalls), M Christ (Centenary), P Tripp (Helston)

County Mixed Pairs (26 entries)
P Thomas (Dobwalls), D Newton (Duloe), R Flower (Tintagel), A Trubshaw (Duloe), G Risdon (Lanteglos), P Spencer (Wadebridge), D Elliott (Holmans), P Hore (Holmans), B Webb (Lanjeth), C Matthews (St Newlyn East), G Sleep (Dobwalls), J Roper (Dobwalls), J Keers (St Agnes), B Sleep (Dobwalls), P Sully (Holmans), R Edwards (Withiel), C Cawrse (Luxulyan), N Ward (Withiel), P Spargo (Liskeard), C Roberts (Ladock), J Turner (Liskeard), P Williams (St Newlyn East), T Baldwin (Liskeard), P Hicks (Luxulyan), C Ford (St Newlyn East), B Wakeley (Treviscoe)

County Triples (29 entries)
P Spargo (Liskeard), R Hancock (Lanreath), G Luke (Treviscoe), D Studden (Troon), N Ward (Withiel), J Smith (Treviscoe), P Sully (Holmans), P Williams (St Newlyn East), J Harvey (Helston), B Wakeley (Treviscoe), P Spencer (Wadebridge), B Webb (Lanjeth), F Walther (Mabe), J Ashton (Saltash), P Hamley (Lostwithiel), D Hickey (Helston), P Hore (Holmans), D Swaby (Wadebridge), R Stokes (Wadebridge), D Newton (Duloe), M Turner (Liskeard), B Sleep (Dobwalls), B Swaby (Wadebridge), C Parsons (Lanteglos), G Ford (St Newlyn East), D Woolner (Saltash), P Thomas (Dobwalls), A Hambley (Lostwithiel), R Flower (Tintagel)

County Mixed Fours (20 entries)
B Wakeley (Treviscoe), B Sleep (Dobwalls), M Christ (Centenary), P Hore (Holmans), J Menhenick (Wadebridge), P Hamley (Lostwithiel), M Turner (Liskeard), R Flower (Tintagel), B Webb (Lanjeth), F Walther (Mabe), A Hambley (Lostwithiel), P Thomas (Dobwalls), J Ashton (Saltash), G Ford (St Newlyn East), J Keers (St Agnes), R Stokes (Wadebridge), C Parsons (Lanteglos), P Spargo (Liskeard), N Ward (Withiel), D Studden (Helston)

County Fours (22 entries)
J Harvey (Helston), G Ford (Treviscoe), B Webb (Lanjeth), F Walther (Mabe), P Spargo (Liskeard), R Hancock (Lanreath), M Turner (Liskeard), B Lewis (Duloe), G Ford (St Newlyn East), P Sully (Holmans), D Swaby (Wadebridge), P Thomas (Dobwalls), B Sleep (Dobwalls), D Woolner (Saltash), J Watson (Treviscoe), B Wakeley (Treviscoe), D Eliott (Holmans), R Stokes (Wadebridge), J Ashton (Saltash), C Cawrse (Luxulyan), A Hambley (Lostwithiel), N Ward (Withiel)

Team of Three (15 entries)
P Hore (Holmans), B Wakeley (Treviscoe), B Sleep (Dobwalls), N Ward (Withiel), D Newton (Duloe), C Cawrse (Luxulyan), P Tripp (Helston), P Spargo (Liskeard), B Webb (Lanjeth), P Sully (Holmans), A Davidson (St Ives), C Ford (St Newlyn East), M Jefferies (Penlee), P Thomas (Dobwalls), R Flower (Tintagel)

Rae Francis (11 entries)
Camelford, Tintagel, Wadebridge, Liskeard, Penlee, Lostwithiel, Treviscoe, Dobwalls, Duloe, Helston, Withiel

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